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    3 nice ways to build rapport with passengers

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    Tired of surge taken away

    my friend indeed that is just all too common for me as well. I get where your frustration comes from.
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    GrYFT application update

    @Another Uber Driver my friend, ahaha! i always chuckle when someone calls them Gryft...
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    Chevy Bolt for $99/mo + 10¢/mile - good deal?

    @DocBrown1985 my friend, I am glad you brought this up. I am really interested in what others have to say because I have zero experience with a pure electric car. 1600323000 @Stevie The magic Unicorn my buddy! Excellent analysis. 1600323240 @oldfart, many good comments and analysis here.
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    Uber car shot 17+ times as pax is target of a hit

    @leroy jenkins! I am driving around that area at night often! That is just crazy news.
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    Are you embarrassed to be a rideshare driver?

    @CJfrom619 my brother, yours was the same answer as mine. I guess everyone is different, but I cannot imagine being embarrassed at doing ANY job if it pays my bills and is an honest living where I am not bothering anyone... For example, I would not want to be a parking ticket attendant or...
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    You can't, you won't, please don't

    @MHR my friend, yours is truly an eye opening article! Thanks for your input. I read every word, and won't forget it.
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    3 nice ways to build rapport with passengers

    @Kurt Halfyard my friend, always wise words coming from you. I've noticed that your writing style and mine share a frontier, by the way... I would like to think that we do not differ too much. Indeed the pax "set the tone". I completely refrain from trying to engage the pax if I get the vibe...
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    3 nice ways to build rapport with passengers

    @W00dbutcher my buddy, your reply was style legend!
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    2012 honda accord se (111,000 miles) or toyota prius II (103,000 miles)?

    The prius because it gets better gas mileage
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    Kind of a sad Uber pax story

    @UberBastid and other friends here...LMAO! Sometimes you guys all shock me! :thumbup:....
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    A whole $15 for 60 rides. Wow

    Indeed, I have been getting those too! So lame it's almost laughable.
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    All of you drivers taking passengers in the front seat

    Interesting point. But this would be hard to convince as many ants are rather stubborn.
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    I have not been paid by UBER for four months and have a driver account balance of greater than 6k but less then 10k because of this issue?????What

    Pancho, that is truly a first and just truly terrible! I feel for you bro! Can't imagine the frustration that you must be feeling. Let us know please when you sort it out. 1600249246 This happened to me once where they did not pay me for 3 pay periods because of some network security issue...
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    Drivers Union Delivers Petition From Over 1,600 Uber/Lyft Drivers Supporting Fair Pay

    @tohunt4me my brother! That last one is definitely the best case for a union...deactivation due to false accusations. That is the ultimate fear right? For someone to get their income stream slashed to nothing instantly for nothing. Let's see what happens.