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    uber eats question?

    Whenever the app tells you to take a photo, take the photo.
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    CA extends Unemployment for 7 weeks

    From what I read, it is an extension. I guess it was triggered since Newsom was slow to re-open. So that is a positive move by him.
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    Everyone is pretty mellow and smoking weed. No need to get riled up.
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    CA extends Unemployment for 7 weeks

    Did going to church work for me? Or is this another fake news story.
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    Didn't know that about OC. Nothing surprises me. I just follow what my Asian brothers in Taiwan and Korea are doing: wearing masks and keeping distance. I mean that is all we got, and shitheads here are not even doing that. 1593710501 China is a trip. They won't admit shit.
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    Gavin hypocrite Newsom

    All corporations behind this. They shipped the jobs overseas, import illegals for work, and own the communist media.
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    The real reason for the sudden shutdown

    Trump and Fauci screwed up. I mean they should've consulted countries who went through this before. They still have time if they enforce mask wearing and distancing.
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    Why Governer "Had" to Shut Down the State

    I have to admit that Oreo cookie would have done a better job than Orange in this situation. Don't listen to repubs since a lot of them are getting handouts as well.
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    You have to take off you MAGA glasses. You are seeing it everywhere. 1593706168 You are in the thick of leftist haven. I mean we ain't in Oklahoma. If you are white then I am thinking leftists will ping you to see if you are one of them. Kind of like an acknowledgement of the aliens in movies...
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    Gavin hypocrite Newsom

    This is California. Newson is given a permanent pass, plus a bottle of Grecian formula.
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    So will this new partial "shutdown" increase the chances the PUA, $600 extra a month gets extended past July?

    Extend it! Trump said he was reluctant since people don't have the incentive to work. What work? Stupid shit better extend it if he wants to get reelected.
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    Pack it up Drivers, it's OVER

    More people driving around, going to the gym, and etc., than the beginning of this shit. What do you expect?
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    Nephew has ordered bars to close in la again

    Because that would guarantee a depression.
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    Lots of interesting rideshare stats

    Those numbers are possible since very few are on the road. You have to remember, he went through the virus and doesn't have to be cautious. A lot of drivers have families, and haven't contracted it yet. 1593207829 Paxes are probably upgrading since less passenger traffic with higher classes.
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    Covid WELP.....The dreaded SECOND WAVE has arrived!

    People will have to live with it and wear masks. Otherwise, we will be going into a depression.