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  1. Yam Digger

    Waze integration

    Neither app is actually integrated. The Driver app simply access an API of either GPS app and open it.
  2. Yam Digger

    Furious Over Falling Pay, Los Angeles Uber Drivers Prepare to Strike

    And that every-man-for-himself attitude is the reason Uber/Lyft can so easily shove its you-know-what up our collective wazoos with impunity.
  3. Yam Digger

    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    He’s probably one of those naive types who drank the Uber-Aid and bought a nice car for Uber. Now he’s kicking his own butt and is trying to put a brave face on his iladvised decision. When I go out on Saturday nights, I can’t help but notice there’s not as much people out partying 🎊 these...
  4. Yam Digger

    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    Ha ha ha. 😆 I’ve been on this forum for four years; and I’ve seen a number of your type come here, brag like this, then after a while they’re gone. $41/hr is the kind of money rideshare drivers only make on NYE. In other words, I don’t believe you. The other drivers probably don’t believe you...
  5. Yam Digger

    Why Is A Driver CAP Bad in Toronto?

    Ok.. if it works for you in that way, great! Though wouldn’t charitable donations do pretty much the same thing? But outside of Uber, myself and most other drivers don’t have your level of income. For me, what I make from Uber goes to paying my bills. Before Uber came to Toronto, I used to have...
  6. Yam Digger

    Why Is A Driver CAP Bad in Toronto?

    The statements some of you are making against some kind of capping make me wonder if you consider rideshare driving as if it were some kind of hobby. I don’t know about you comrades; while I do enjoy this line of work, at the same time, I put a certain amount value on my time and labour. If...
  7. Yam Digger

    Socialist Update: Alive and well.

    UP is like drugs: you can go to rehab and sober up, but eventually you’re going to relapse. Welcome back comrade I’ve permanently deleted my FB and Twitter account too. For a week or two, you’ll have FOMO; but then, you’ll feel that you’re really not missing out on anything you actually need...
  8. Yam Digger

    SHARED hell!

    I drive a blue RAV4 and I usually wait near Bier Market.
  9. Yam Digger

    SHARED hell!

    Yo! That’s MY territory…until April 1st. After which you’re more than welcomed to it.
  10. Yam Digger

    Why Is A Driver CAP Bad in Toronto?

    If Travis is reading this post, I have no doubt that he is beaming with pride.
  11. Yam Digger

    Pax of the day

    Because the rich don’t richer by being generous.
  12. Yam Digger

    Post your best Pool rides

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, I probably should.
  13. Yam Digger

    Post your best Pool rides

    2 ExpressPoo pax going from downtown to Brampton on NYE. Not only was it my best paying Poo trip, it was my best paying trip EVER in 4 years of Uber driving.
  14. Yam Digger

    UBER DF changes in Chicago. Has this already been implemented in Toronto?

    I wouldn’t bet the family farm on that
  15. Yam Digger

    UberEATS is DONE

    Back in your 20s, the average Torontonian’s paycheque used to have more spending power than they do now. Even I used to tip back in the day.