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    The worst ever Superbowl both on and off the road

    I’m definitely not complaining about this morning’s surge, but I became irritated with Uber all over again. Although we were able to take advantage of a few extra dollars (my best trips were pool), I still think about how much we would’ve made on the pre-Uber greed model surge system. The only...
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    Atlanta United MLS Championship Game Strategy

    Yes! I killed deliveries too last night. I was thinking it was too good to be true until I saw the payments.
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    Meet Your New Surge!

    Chile bye! Nobody is mad and nobody is trying to start an Uber rights movement. Just stating my opinion of the timing for this new roll out being wrong and the potential effects.The fact that I’ve done 1700 rides in 3 1/2 years means that this is obviously not my career. Sounds like it’s yours.
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    Meet Your New Surge!

    Yep! The dumbest thing Uber could do is roll this out in the Atlanta market months before superbowl. With Marta already being short staffed and Uber pulling this foolishness, there is going to be a transportation nightmare.
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    Uber Pushing Pool Hard even after requesting X

    They’re pushing pool requests for uber eats now too.
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    Little kid

    Sounds like an amber alert set up waiting to happen.
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    Part time with a new vehicle?

    Agreed. I’ve purchased two cars from them and the experience has been great!
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    Don't want to talk to pax and get tips do this

    LOL! I can only imagine what they will say about you thinking you can’t hear. I’ll be the dumb person who will forget they’re deaf and start talking.
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    service animal issue..need advice pls...sorry for length

    With all due respect moderator, this seems like it’s coming from a personal, defensive standpoint versus an objective standpoint. Placing this driver at fault is just another way of condoning the pax’s abusive and threatening behavior. If two other drivers prior to this one cancelled, obviously...
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    New Delivery Service

    Just saw this sign as I was getting off of the expressway. Thought I would share it with those who are sick of uber and need a new side hustle.
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    service animal issue..need advice pls...sorry for length

    You are a prime example of why folks think they can treat uber drivers the way they do. Once one person tolerates their behavior, they think we all will put up with it. Reminds me of the folks who take underaged kids then get mad when someone else won’t. If you are drunk and scared, you sit down...
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    service animal issue..need advice pls...sorry for length

    I think everyone here is missing the point. When he first greeted the pax and told him he would help get the dog in the back, the pax started cursing at him. This is a clear indication that the pax was the aggressor in this situation. Instead, the pax could’ve given a clear, calm explanation as...
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    Crazy first ride today

    Glad her water didn’t break while sitting in the car. Amniotic fluid on your seats wouldn’t have been a good start to your day.
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    Reaching My Weekly Goal

    Here’s what the weekends that I typically work look like. I know everyone has different strategies, but mine is to plan my work hours around the busy times. I only work surges. This week I worked a few hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I capitalized on the Frifay afternoon travel rush, ATL...
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    You guys are really salty about airport surge...

    It’s not a matter of $60 an hour. It’s a matter of the secret service fee and principle behind luring drivers with a surge only to take the money back.