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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    BTW. These days I run Waze in the background whenever I remember it (I didn’t last time when I got the red light tix since I just left In-and-Out at the corner of Millbrae Ave). It will give warnings for police, red light cameras, road hazards, etc).
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    Holly crap! How did Uber manage to grab $9 service fees while you got only $4 for the ride?! This is legalized robbery!!
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    I was at the court today. I was prepared to plead “not guilty and request for “trial by declaration” and use the service mentioned earlier. However as I waited for my case to be heard and watched how the judge handled the traffic tickets: invariably all cases are reduced by half in fines if you...
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    Where did you get the tickets? If you got them in Burlingame, then you are in luck. I was at the court today, and the judge told few people who got red light tickets in Burlingame that the city has just discontinued the red light system so all tickets issued will be dismissed (technically not...
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    Try TicketNinja. I was googling for the traffic violation code on my ticket and their website came up. You submit the photo evidence (via the website cited on your ticket) to them and they will take a look and let you know what your chance of winning is. I just did mine and the guy responded...
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    So sound like this is not a “no turn on red” citation but a “turning on red without fully stopped” one? Or maybe one that my car pushed passed the stop line when stopping before making the right turn? These traffic cameras are really out there these days to get you.
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    How do you know I didn’t stop? You are simply making assumptions. Besides there is a dedicated right turn lane.
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    Fighting a right-turn on red ticket

    Got a ticket waiting for in my mailbox after coming back from a vacation. It’s a ticket for right-turn on red (with street-side camera). So I looked at the pictures that came with the citation, yap, it was me making the right turn, on red. But I don’t remember that there is a “no turn on red”...
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    You got a surge but no ping, then what?

    How long will the surge promotion last? Can you drive somewhere else than the area you got the surge promotion?
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    Dashcam complaint. To reply or not to reply?

    Hi, about to install a video cam I just bought (with both forward and cabin cameras and loop recording). Since we are on this subject, I want to find out whether Calif is also a "one party consent state"? Also do I need to put up a sign stating that I have a video camera in the car? What is the...
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    12 year old hails Uber, then jumps to death

    I smell lawsuit. And Uber wants none of that.
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    App’s been telling me that I have 0 trip for the quest

    Has been since last Thursday. Called support a few times and was told how appreciative they are that I’m a driver and they understand totally how inconvenient it has been for me without that info and they are working very hard to fix that problem, apparently widespread. I of course took their...
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    What happens when 4 pax call uber and a subcompact shows up?

    As long as they don’t sit on my lap or my steering wheel, I’m ok with that.
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    Is there a way to see the mileage I have driven so far?

    I thought that’s what Uber keeps track of, the online mileage (i.e. miles accumulated while the app is online), or at least that’s what they CLAIM to keep track of for the drivers. That’s my understanding. Has someone who keeps track of the mileage himself/herself found substantial...
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    I have been “Diamond” for a while now. Why am I not seeing any “Diamond” money in my weekly summary today?

    Direction?! What direction? Have they ever included “direction” in the ping request??