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    Dashcam complaint. To reply or not to reply?

    Hi, about to install a video cam I just bought (with both forward and cabin cameras and loop recording). Since we are on this subject, I want to find out whether Calif is also a "one party consent state"? Also do I need to put up a sign stating that I have a video camera in the car? What is the...
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    12 year old hails Uber, then jumps to death

    I smell lawsuit. And Uber wants none of that.
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    App’s been telling me that I have 0 trip for the quest

    Has been since last Thursday. Called support a few times and was told how appreciative they are that I’m a driver and they understand totally how inconvenient it has been for me without that info and they are working very hard to fix that problem, apparently widespread. I of course took their...
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    What happens when 4 pax call uber and a subcompact shows up?

    As long as they don’t sit on my lap or my steering wheel, I’m ok with that.
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    Is there a way to see the mileage I have driven so far?

    I thought that’s what Uber keeps track of, the online mileage (i.e. miles accumulated while the app is online), or at least that’s what they CLAIM to keep track of for the drivers. That’s my understanding. Has someone who keeps track of the mileage himself/herself found substantial...
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    I have been “Diamond” for a while now. Why am I not seeing any “Diamond” money in my weekly summary today?

    Direction?! What direction? Have they ever included “direction” in the ping request??
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    Is there a way to see the mileage I have driven so far?

    No, I’m not tracking it myself. I thought Uber keeps a record of that (i.e. online mileage) for the drivers. That’s why I asked in my OP if it is possible to take a sneak preview before it is finally released around tax time. I’m not sure if or what Uber can gain by understating drivers’ online...
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    Is there a way to see the mileage I have driven so far?

    If you have done your own tracking, what kind of discrepancy have you noticed? What’s the difference between your actual tracking and Uner’s? Can you give a ballpark number or a percentage?
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    Lyft still charge primetime the drivers get just on mileage and the time

    Can you explain how you “long haul” a trip? I am not sure what that means and what you can do to achieve it or derive benefits from doing it?
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    Is there a way to see the mileage I have driven so far?

    Those mileage can be used for standard deduction during tax time. I want to have an idea of how much I have accumulated so far.
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    Trip duration before accepting the trip ping

    What’s the point of providing the trip duration info? So that you can decline some trips that you deem are too long for you to accept, right? And you have to keep an 85% rate to get it? That seems to me to run counter of the idea of getting the trip duration info in the first place.
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    Trip duration before accepting the trip ping

    Hi, with the new Uber Pro interface, we (Gold or above) should see an estimated trip during notice (in mins). It showed up in the ping “flash” the first few days. Now it’s disappeared. I just called the support, and they told me that this is system-wide problem and is being investigated. My...
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    Cannot no-show late pax. App freezes.

    No, you are definitely not alone and it’s most likely a bug. It has happened to me multiple times (at least twice yesterday). I got consecutive pings to go to SF late afternoon. It didn’t indicate it’s long trip, as I believe I was right below the threshold of a long trip. After calling to find...
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    Rider Cancel Notice in the Middle of Trip

    Happened to me yesterday too (not on the airport queue though). After I pressed the button to accept the ping, the screen is locked with the busy hour glass icon. After awhile a message showed up and said something went wrong and went back to waiting for ping.
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    Try to memorise your riders names, it saved me 22.00 today

    Not sure what you mean by “should have never started”? Does it apply to you?! What do you mean I “picked up before the stated time”? What is the “stated time”? If you mean the time (as recorded in the trip profile), then it would only mean that I started the trip BEFORE quest ended.