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    Uber Eats is manipulating the tipping function

    Yesterday 14 trips and only 4/14 tipped. I guess it's true that people after midnight doesn't tip..
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    Is it just me or is UberEats cutting our pay drastically?

    So far with a total of 24 trips I haven't had a $3 offer. $4.50 has been my lowest offer and one trip away from instant cash out. Giving it a try while putting UE on a break..
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    Not bad for UE

    Me too!
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    Not bad for UE

    I'm in L.A. and unfortunately it's not about big tips and promotions here!!
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    Not bad for UE

    Funny I don't get promotions! I don't know if the Greenlight office is open to complain. That $20 was for a goodwill payment
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    Is it just me or is UberEats cutting our pay drastically?

    I'm now doing both UE and DD. The only reason I'm still doing UE is because of Instant Pay. As soon as I complete my 25 trips with DD I can sign up for their Instant Pay. I'm 12 trips away from 25 and from there I'm done with UE. It amazes me the constant $3-4 requests is driving me nuts. I...
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    Is it just me or is UberEats cutting our pay drastically?

    After so many numerous $3 requests that I declined today, I'm moving on to Doordash, and thinking about going back to doing late night pax.
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    It would be nice if the $3 and $4 deliveries would tip.

    Out here in my area in L.A. it's very busy plus no traffic after midnight. If you look at my screenshots all my deliveries that were over $3 and $4 all tipped. Bottom line I'm declining them from here on out 1596647845 Nah! After over 14,000 total deliveries and close to 5 years doing this...
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    It would be nice if the $3 and $4 deliveries would tip.

    Just one of many reasons I decline a majority of the $3 and $4 deliveries. Yesterday a total of 17 trips. 12 left tips. The 5 other deliveries were the $3 and $4 trips, and none of them left tips. My last $3 trip was a total nightmare. Long wait in drive thru and difficulty getting it delivered...
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    Fed Up!

    I just got offline after one hour due to all $3.00 trips. Made a whopping $8.00 for 2 trips while declining maybe 6 trips all $3.00 and canceled 2 $3.00 trips to of course McDonald's where both had long azz lines. So I'm taking a L for tonight because I just can't stand consecutive $3.00 trips...
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    Just call me Big Bank!!

    Boy how times have changed! My first 5 trips were all $3 trips. I declined the 5th one because it was closed to 5 miles. Got offline and I got to either go with Doordash or back to pax, or greeting people at Walmart!! How much lower can UE go?? What I should've have done was file for...
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    You know there's always one that will go against the grain of your post! I totally agree with you. I declined so many requests last night that they stopped sending me requests. I am not driving a total of 11 miles for $5.00, I'm not driving 7 miles for $3 and some change, but then I get a $9...
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    Uber is now sending $1.70 "add-on" pings going to different restaurants

    Those are now automatic declines for me after I had a pickup at one donut shop that I walked right in and picked up, then had me go to a Jack in the Box the slowest one ever with about nine cars in drive thru, so I canceled it. Definitely wasn't worth the additional dollar and some change for...
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    WTF Did UE cut pay again!!!!

    Yes a tremendous pay cut. If it wasn't for the tips which I am now getting more of, I've would've said Bye Felicia Eats!! I do decline many of those trips if it's $3.00 and doing 5-6 miles and 25 minutes
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    Fraudulent Activity

    No whenever I get a wait in car dropoff and they don't come out especially if its a apartment complex with no unit number, I call support before I decide to cancel explaining my situation. That way its recorded and you won't get any fraudulent activity warnings.