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    How do you keep car windows clean?

    What i find works the best is invisible glass or similar from auto parts chain, an aerosol can. Tint safe dries steak free.
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    My account has been "waitlisted"

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    Hiding dashcam

    Well, yeah...
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    Something is going on with the ratings.

    No, its 500. They tested 100 in a few markets, i think last year, but it is 500 now. Lyft is 100
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    Bad rating, so unfair!

    It's simple. Not everyone likes you. Not everyone thinks you're the best. You cannot make everyone happy. All this is okay and perfectly normal. 4.91 is a fine rating. You'll go up, you'll go down.
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    Paid out of my own pocket for an unbooked return trip

    Why did you end the trip?
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    Question about cancellation and confirm arrival

    You have to wait 5 minutes. 2 free minutes then 3 minutes of wait time). You'll be prompted to cancel, choose rider wasn't here.
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    Here's how I got stuck in Mexico

    You were gone 4 months.. how did you eat? Where did you sleep? Who took care of your bills/stuff at home?
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    How pick are you about inside rattle noises?

    I hate those mystery rattles and squeaks. I had one on my Nissan, a a squeak. Problem was it was intermittent and would only happen at 35mph and above. Drove me nuts. Turned out it was the rear spoiler.
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    I will be driving Freedom Uber tonight!

    That's not a mullet.. That's a mullet!
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    Should I Have Said Something?

    Moth balls? How do you know what moth balls smell like? How'd you get your nose between their tiny legs?
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    I will be driving Freedom Uber tonight!

    What? Tell me you didn't...
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    I will be driving Freedom Uber tonight!