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    Another week of certification

    Just drive. Thats all. 😇 Feel lucky that you have that choice. Not many others do. Or you can sit on your arse. Watching paint dry, hoping the government has your back. Then have fun with all those taxes on back payments, after you spent hours working for it. What a waste!!!! 😣 1590403835
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    Credit where credit is due

    Mark Cuban tells the truth, or what he actually believes in. Trump????? Well, that will be the day then. Haha! 🤩
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    Cash Out Shortage All Week

    Keep caling that nonsense helpless line. 😊
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    Early morning payoff

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    Had to take nine facemask selfies during my shift yesterday

    This was the only time i had ot as a “complaint” 2 days ago Since this shit all began with masks. The response is great, Uber style! 😂🤪 It believe they mad i wont take there stupid 3$, mcds, bk, tb, kfc, and all BS orders from them anymore. F’em! 😂 55% and 9% now and counting! 🤣. - - |...
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    Excited to argue ticket

    Jealous haha!! You funny boy. 😂 Just remember “Mr. Average” your car would be totaled at 4500$ then. 👍
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    Excited to argue ticket

    You listen to that corp garbage dealership/company BS sales pitch. Remember it is what they want you to hear. 🤔 Hit a curb, or tree!? Well your 2700 lb car will lose! I guarantee it! Plus you prolly are speeding on top of it. Kia uses some of the cheapest metals in the whole world for car...
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    Excited to argue ticket

    @PeAceMaKer769 you crash(in kia terms) bump anything in that pos kia soul, you will see who wins. 👋
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    Outdoor Dining Next Week

    The suburban diners tend to have far more of a variety of outdoor dining, having much more space available if fast changes are needed. The city diners cant just put them on sidewalks as an option.
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    I need a haircut!

    Yea, my hair is by far the longest i ever had it for like 15-20 years now. Gray is starting 😔
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    Booty Call Transport, at your service!

    Me2 bra, although i do have 5 nieces and nephews though, I helped raise them all! Spoiled and rotten with the parents and -Gparents😂 i have a car note and no other bills. Im lucky like carlos. Except for eats. Only in the far north burbs though. Screw the city and Ms, Lightfoot!
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    Booty Call Transport, at your service!

    Escorts and strippers are always fun rides for male drivers. I wont give anyone a ride though. I cant wait to see the whiney ones here that have to pay taxes on all that unemployment claims. I guess i call it being lazy. Thats all. You have your perfect opportunity now. Until you get screwed...
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    Where's Carlos?

    #Care just might the compete answer.
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    Senator Burr Steps down from intel committee

    Not saying anything about guilt.... BUT.... The voters usually trust in who they vote for.. Well, Umm. 🤔
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    May 22nd Uber Eats, Doordash, Etc. have to Show Customers Restaurant Commission Fee

    I agree, but it also clarifies to the consumer how much they screw each of the consumers,restaurants and drivers overall. Should be interesting in my mind. Reminds me of trying to force feed a hungry child that is picky.