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    Stranded in Arizona, No Power Steering and Battery Warning Light On.

    So you are sure it wasn't a flat tire?
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    33 million peps unemployed under maga.

    Common sense says more people would be alive to give him a pass. You should put down the shovel you're digging yourself a hole
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    Hi where I work

    Me and 4 friend 1 baby go Airport 4 a.m. before sun come up in sky. You come pick me up Palmdale i pay you 47 US big green dollar. Go Walmart buy car seeet make lot dollars.
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    Who will win the NBA title?

    Somebody who can balance a ball.
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    I Removed Dashcam for 5 Rides. My Ratings Dropped Immediately

    Ask yourself ""Did you lose your mojo?""
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    You have a lucky charm,what is it?

    If I told you mine it would change.
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    Are Uber drivers smart enough to sign a contract.

    I would like to be there for that opening conversation with the lawyer hi I didn't graduate high school how am I to understand the contract.
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    Cell phone antenna pit performance boost

    Do a search """LAX Magic Tree"""
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    Are Uber drivers smart enough to sign a contract.

    I just got stoned so forgive me. But seriously I think that Uber could be sued for over complicating a contract. Need feedback.... So many idiots have pen in hand. And now back to my regularly scheduled pipe load.
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    Has anybody delivered to the White House?

    And did they tip?
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    This guy....

    Every single Pax got to go for the scenic route. I'm taking the long f****** way.
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    Stuck at 4.83

    Dude you're an idiot. Ratings don't matter at all, God I hope you're not still an ant.
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    Read the full email Uber CEO wrote to employees about why the company was laying off 400 workers

    but it is something we need to address, and quickly. You're fired get the @@@@ out
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    Poll Do you eat in your car

    I'm sure this is been asked before.