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    picking up at SRQ

    The SRQ market seems SATURATED with drivers. I do both Uber (99%) and Lyft (1%) -- last time I checked Lyft (last weekend), there were nine (9) drivers standing by to pick up the very few arriving passengers! On a secondary, fashion note: I was shocked to see grown men dress like children...
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    Words....they're fun!

    Jimminy -- "Me and Mary went to see a movie". Rookie, lazy error. Now if I could get my significant other to fix her grammar...
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    Laughable Questions Pax Have Asked about Uber & Driving for Uber

    No idea what "Do you want a (or A?)" means.
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    I was sexually assulted by a passenger

    Related story: I used to live in D.C. 30+ yrs ago, and went to a chain bookstore in a mixed gay-straight neighborhood near my office. A guy reached across my groin (RED FLAG) to pretend to reach for a book three feet away (I was between him and the book?!) and he brushed my groin with his hand...
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    picking up at SRQ

    Good point. Sometimes I just want a crack at an ATL inbound, so I do not hang out at the airport...
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    Falsified accusation of drug/drunk driving

    ===== By chance i met an Uber driver who had previously had a stroke. He was falsely accused of driving impaired, mainly because he slurs his words a bit. I told him that he should disclose with a back-seat sign that he has a medical condition [which he should NOT divulge] and that his doctor...
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    picking up at SRQ

    A seedy Uber driver (warmed over hippie with long beard, Birkenstocks, children's clothes) told me that he and his buddies hang out at the Shell station on Tamiami Trail north of SRQ. They're in queue and don't have to worry about parking fee if they dash in and out. PS, the other night...
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    Which side of the car is gas tank on?

    Cad SRX: right side.
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    Drivers: Check Your Profile Vehicle Photo

    My profile only shows Make, Model, and Lic. Plate...
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    30% of all Uber/Lyft drivers lose money driving

    Thanks /Sorry -- I thought I was asking a generic Q. . I'm in Sarasota/Manatee area in Tampa Bay. Lemme go lurk over there. Great forum!
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    30% of all Uber/Lyft drivers lose money driving

    You mentioned "short rides". How can I screen out short rides and get longer rides?
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    Lyft lie, number .... I forgot, there's so many

    Make & model?? Many pax are too dumb to know your car... As a non-Uber-user, what does Uber show the pax about the driver + car coming to you?
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    Got called a white racist pig

    "7.62 makes a pretty hole." Ouch. Do you use a roof rack or a scabbard between the seats for your AK?
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    Next to impossible getting background check redone

    Strange story of BC delay for my wife (currently an occasional Lyft driver). I said, why don't you try signing up for Uber since there's more Uber business than Lyft in Sarasota/Manatee. So she submitted her information -- and Uber rejected her. NO criminal background. She's previously been...
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    I'm a new Uber Person...

    I see your point. I'll stop offering "extras". But since pax are so wedded to their phones, I let them use my front charger only...