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    How's the business today folks?

    I find the 5 minute timer countdown gets people to rethink their "sit on their arse" strategy.
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    How's the business today folks?

    Are you driving an EV now? If you have a post detailing your EV and experience so far, would be handy to link that in your signature please :smiles:
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    Best Phone Case for UberEats scooter

    Hey all, does anyone have any tips for a decent phone holder for a scooter? Something that can be removed and securely attached to a scooter often, perhaps with a battery pack inside?
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    ATO: Increased thresholds to support your business

    Excellent info Jack, hopefully will help others also. If anyone is considering buying a computer (over $300 ex GST) in the last month of this financial year, can we apply the instant write off to computers, or it needs to be put into a 4 year depreciation plan?
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    ATO: Increased thresholds to support your business

    Awesome info @Jack Malarkey thank you. I was wondering with the CoViD-19 reduction in trade (for me, to zero), and car loan/insurance/rego/CTP still ticking along, I wanted to ask two questions to the community, and yourself: Would the 3 month/5 year logbook still be a valid way to account...
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    Amazon Flex

    Unlike Uber, it's not an unlimited supply/demand type of gig. It's nice to see a company deciding not to waste everyones time by diluting the market :thumbup: 1590126847 Yes, it's zoned I, so you're not driving all over the city.
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    Amazon Flex

    I've noticed a few more people delivering for Flex, from a customer point of view. They allocate 4 hour shifts, and the drivers snag them ASAP. Would pay around $30-40 an hour, but depends how far from the warehouse you need to travel, in Moorebank NSW I believe.
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    3500 uber employees sacked via Zoom

    This is the perfect example of when they should have brought in video of George Clooney to do the sacking: We are not swans, we're sharks!
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    Driving with a Covid-19 positive PAX

    They are "working on" providing cleaning materials :biggrin:
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    Driving with a Covid-19 positive PAX

    Looking at 13cabs sanitisation videos, what would you do if you drive a PAX that admits to being COVID-19 positive, heading from T1 to home?
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    Uber drivers now qualify for $500 PW and $10K in Super Access.

    For most people, you can add an after tax contribution to super, with no additional tax, as from this page: "You can also make contributions to your super from your after-tax pay. These payments are called non-concessional contributions because you have already paid tax on the money. You can...
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    Aust Gov extending life line for Student Visas increasing Hours! Official Release

    Who also can't get these jobs as overseas students have taken the slots.
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    Errrr "Window please"

    So this is why most Sydney taxi's have the windows down in any temperature... and air-con off
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    Block non residents and non citizens

    If their home country is like the US, and they start closing their borders, you may find a lot of temporary visa holders will up and leave very quickly.
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    how many uber drivers are confirmed covid-19?

    I'm reading the "Every eligible driver in the U.S." to mean, no drivers in Australia? Has anybody heard from Rasier Pacific pty ltd Australia on this matter?