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    Pool auto add!!

    Glad I'm going back to full time work and will only be doing uber once a week. Pool is a joke. The college kids love it too. Cheap bastards.
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    Disrespectful or Violent Pax

    I drive until 3 am most nights and haven't met anyone that bad yet. Knock on wood.
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    First weekend back with all the students

    I didn't drive Saturday night, but noticed a difference in quantity of riders on Friday night in CC. All short crappy 4-6 dollar fares. Made most of my money that night up in the NE burbs. BUt yea, does look like the amount of riders increased, at least Friday night.
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    VIP Uber X????

    I've been seeign this a bit lately too. No tips though. Never tips...
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    Disrespectful or Violent Pax

    Where do you people drive that your havingg this stuff happen to you? I've never had an issue with a PAX. Never had one disrespect me, never had one try to put their hands on me other then to shake my hand and thank me for the ride. I don't get it haha.
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    Are most of you not doing Uber Eats?

    I'm not going anywhere near Uber EATS. No way to make money on it. Too much wait time between pick ups, drop offs, no tips, etc. My wife used it at work the one night and said it's a mess. Costs them a ton for delivery fee, so they ended up not tipping. Took forever to get her order to her...
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    5 person 4drop pool

    I ignore 2nd requests. Forget pool. No interest in doing it. Wish I could opt out. Let those who like it, do it and those who don't like it to opt out. I only take a pool request if it's the 2nd or third time in a row so I don't get locked out.
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    F Y I : Uber hikes its minimum fare in the D.C. region

    My fear is they're gonna do to Philly what they have done to Jersey. Drop the per mile to .86 cents.
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    F Y I : Uber hikes its minimum fare in the D.C. region

    Yea I agree, the minimum doesn't mean jack to me. Raise the per mile rate and it'll make a difference to the drivers.
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    Is There ANYWAY to get out of these POOLS?!?

    I use it often. There is a little clipboard in the upper left corner. You then put your destination (ie. Home Address) and it will match you with a pax going in that direction. It's actually a great feature. Especially if your coming from somewhere that's gonna take you 45 minutes to get home. I...
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    Is There ANYWAY to get out of these POOLS?!?

    I've only had UberPool pan out once for me. The night was slow, hardly any pings, I think I totaled 6 rides in a four hour shift, that's a third of what I normally would get. Last ride of the night was an Uberpool (had the destination set to my house so I was only taking rides in that general...
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    Uber Eats?

    I think if Uber would put a tipping option in their app we'd see a huge rise in tips. Lyft advertises 60% of pax tip. I don't drive Lyft and can't validate the numbers but that is probably 59.5% more than tip me with Uber. When people are paying through an app they're not seeing the cash leave...
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    Putting Uber driving in a resume

    I lost my job back in June, started Ubering soon after just doing part time hours. I have been in the job search process since and have finally landed a position that I will start in September. I did not list Uber on my resume, but when the interviewer asked what I am doing while I'm not working...
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    Is There ANYWAY to get out of these POOLS?!?

    After ignoring a number of POOL requests one night I received a survey from Uber the following day. It was asking about POOL. I basically trashed it and said it's not worth it for drivers to take pool requests. It's more of a hassle. I receive more Pool requests than anything now, it sucks...
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    Uber Eats?

    If Uber didn't advertise NO TIPS, Ubereats could be worth it, hell UberX could be worth it. You don't know how many times I hear people talking about tipping but Uber discourages it so they don't do it. It's amazing. I'm not sure what Uber's angle is with tipping. Is it strictly a safety issue?