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    Rear-ended in Rochester

    Rule 101 always take pictures and get a report Now days we all have a camera on our phones Pictures and videos will be best also take videos of the passenger as well Rule 102 always Cover Your Butt no matter the situation Im glad things work out for you.
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    Thank you UB Student.

    Never mind the Air Freshener grab another Tims Coffee :)
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    The Next Ride

    One thing about Uber I learn Is You Never know what the next ride is gonna bring you
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    Do most drivers accept every ping?

    I turn on the app and when i get ping Im on my way you never know where the ride gonna take you
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    Uber weekly earnings

    I'm in the South Town area thought that ECC would be busy for me.
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    Uber weekly earnings

    what places do you go and from what times I've worked only a couple of places on the weekend