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    Went out today

    Did you drove anyone to Covid 19 testing facility?
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    Seems like He's busy selling his graves. This person has such an evil eye.
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    Virus "escaped: from Whuhan Lab..

    This is not the matter of Bat only. Read the stats of Wuhan wild animal market revenue how can only one market create billions of revenue. Virus has always been transmitted through these animals and now people are eating them alive brutally posting on social media. it does make a lot of sense...
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    Uplift your spirits in this time

    it was uplifted until the guy start talking ..
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    You have the virus

    Thanks for the information Mike.
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    Fake surge

    Hats off to the people who are still driving to make end meets .. May GOD bless you and keep you safe from this epidemic disease.
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    Surrender TLC plate ?

    I am confuse are you helping him or making him more confuse .. lol
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    Any one is using masks?

    And attract NYpd or tlc pigona virus
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    Crazy surge due to Uber outtage?

    Good luck to them with their surges. They kicked in the time of our need now better stick to the superants.
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    The Asian disadvantage

    its because of your belief m8. you anyway have to wash your hands upto elbows / wash face / head / feet 5 times.
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    The master plan seems working!!!

    This is because of Corona hype too. let this fear go away then we will see the real picture.
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    What's the process for giving in your plates?

    Yep, they're giving people false information so they keep the plates, waiting for others to quit. I've heard people saying "its like spending more time on the road but we're making a little less with this lock out". So I don't think your broker is right only part timers are quitting which is...
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    Making this forum post for the 28th of Feb.

    Thinking about same, I don't see this industry has to do anything with part timers here.
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    Brooklyn to Hotel by EWR

    May GOD bless you Sister. I'm more fan of a O-. I'm O+ myself.
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    Brooklyn to Hotel by EWR

    I don't know why people like to Troll on us. seems like He/She get bored at his/her desk job, so started some fun.