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    Fake tax bill

    If it's from Harris County it's not a fraud! You may owe more than you made while driving.
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    Stuck up passengers

    When I drove on the weekends and I got that question I told them that I was day trader in the stock market and this is what I do to decompress. When I drove during the week I told them random stories about it being a hobby, a way to get out of the house, a way to meet new people, a way to pick...
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    phishing scam?? possibly

    Yes, well known scam. They wanted your password so they could drain your Uber account. Good catch. They usually ask that you pull over and cancel the trip so they can get your account properly updated.
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    Side Gig

    How is anyone going to find you when they lock their keys in their car?
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    Sold my house and went all in on Tesla and now I will

    Who makes money and who is bleeding cash? You don't have to invest in profitable companies but you will lose your money and fall in among the crowd of average investors who either lose all of their money or simply break even long term. That percentage of investors is right about 95%.
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    Smoking in the Sacramento uber lot

    Smoking is just as political so I guess this topic needs to get moved as well.
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    Sold my house and went all in on Tesla and now I will

    If you followed that plan with GE (and thousands of others) you would be worth about 1/10 of your net worth back then. BTFD is a great plan for a business with strong upward momentum. I bought AMZN a few years back when it had a strong pull back to 550. Today it's over 1900 and I am a very...
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    Smoking in the Sacramento uber lot

    No different than the current abortion laws being passed. Despite legal abortion being the law of the land, a whole bunch of folks (mostly men) are passing laws that tell Women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. How any Woman anywhere has allowed this to happen is beyond me...
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    Sold my house and went all in on Tesla and now I will

    If you are actually investing (in anything) the trend is your friend. Right now, the Tesla's trend is downward. Musk must go if this company is to survive much less prosper. His brilliant plan was to come out with 4 versions. The S, the 3, the X and now they Y. S3XY......SEXY. OK, he's...
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    Smoking in the Sacramento uber lot

    The OP is LONG gone. She stirred up all this crap and and then left leaving everyone else to flame each other. Maybe the moderators could close this thread.
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    Check your toll fee reimbursements.

    It's not Ubers fault that you violated the toll. Uber would never be responsible for your negligence. The penalties are high, around $5, I think. If you delay paying the fee or never get the invoice (they don't care) the added penalties are high as well. I would contact EZ Pass and try to...
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    How Big is Large?

    I know for a fact that one of those large persons broke the back seat in my Jeep! Who pays for that? Correct! Me!
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    To many drivers-too few riders

    Of course they are. So does Uber. You seem surprised. You should not be. It's been this way for years!
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    Pay us by the hour.

    You are assuming that Uber gives a shit what you think or whether you make money or not. They do not.
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    Does tax advantage on new car outweigh the benefit of low cost used cars?

    If this will be used exclusively for rideshare (you better keep perfect records!) your car will be worth MUCH less as you will be putting close to 100,000 miles per year on the car. Redo that math and see what it's going to be worth 2 years later with 200,000 miles on it. If this will be a part...