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    Possible hallucinating?

    While leaving in Berlin I bought a Porsche 911 with my assistant professor paycheck. I was young but I learned pretty fast: 1 year later I sold the car for the same price I bought it, minus the DM 12,000 I paid in maintenance. 1564957327
  2. Uguy22

    Reduced Earnings

    I did the same I took 2 weeks off and now I drive only Friday and Saturday night. I work to make money, not to give money ..this is no Charity work...:unsure:
  3. Uguy22

    Reduced Earnings

    Right!! Same here with exactly these amounts.
  4. Uguy22

    Throop, Paulina & ignoring phonics

    Should not feel too concerned about a pronunciation error: most our politicians on TV cannot properly pronounce Iran, Irak.....
  5. Uguy22

    Dumb Ass

    I swear to God I had the same type of rider accusing me to call the police and tell them I stole her phone because I could not bring it right away. I did not argue anymore with her and drop it at the police station on Addison..
  6. Uguy22

    Picking up a pax with Measles

    There is no danger, you only need to be vaccinated, which everyone should be.
  7. Uguy22

    Why Full Time Drive??

    I would not advise Working full time for Uber/Lyft. There is no job security and no rewards. What they give you today might be taken away tomorrow. You put your life at risk every day and you are not earning enough to cover the risks. This job is only good as a part time Gig or a transition...
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    This is a must read article.

    Über/Ueber = Over or Above depending on the context: Deutschland über alles -
  9. Uguy22

    Uber map greyed out?

    Reboot your phone
  10. Uguy22

    I thought we were going to choose our quests?

    Same here: I have been Diamond since the beginning, cancellation < 1% and the quest is less this week 35 = $35, no choice, no longer 6%. Are these guys high??? Is it Coke, Meth or weed 🤔
  11. Uguy22

    $500.00 Uber Bonus

    I just checked my email and got $500. What a surprise!!!
  12. Uguy22

    Los Angeles Drivers Preparing To Strike

    Well, nothing is forever on this Planet. What brought the sack of Rome in the IV century is “outsourcing”. It might happen again to us in a short future.
  13. Uguy22

    Whatever you do don’t go to the pit

    If they would know proper English grammar, they would make the difference between « who » which is the nominative form and “whom” which is the accusative form or the dative one... rooted in German: Wer, Wessen, Wem, Wen...too bad we don’t teach Latin anymore, it was the best way to learn grammar...
  14. Uguy22

    Unnecessary One Star?

    Rating is not a Uber thing, it is everywhere: everyone gives ratings and gets ratings: I am asked to rate my physician at NW, my dentist, my lawyer, my broker, my mechanic... Yelp starting it 20 years ago. At work I get rated by every client I work with, if he doesn’t respond right away...
  15. Uguy22

    Speed Warning

    Lately I have been using Uber as a rider a lot à nd I must say only 60% of the rides went without incidents: 1) missed a stop, 2) speeding on N Lake Shore (60), 3) GPS, drive North instead of South, 4) Drive around the block 3 times before finding the address and I get charged time by Uber when...