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  1. Uffda

    Cutting rates was a success

    Out of curiosity, how do you typically lead the discussion to the topic of gratuities? I often have conversations with Pax about the current level of fares, rate cuts, actual costs of driving, etc. They're sympathetic, but it's rare that it leads to an actual tip.
  2. Uffda

    WARNING:"T&LC sting operation at JFK"

    Since I've never been asked for a ride when dropping at JFK or LGA, I would definitely find it odd. And apparently rightly so. Thanks for the warning!
  3. Uffda

    Why so many price increases???

    props to the op. some brilliant reading. cheers!
  4. Uffda

    Pool in CT?

    Gotcha! Would be nice if there was a bit more to the new feature than just the vague popup notification. I had Waze open, though, so maybe there would have been more if I had had the Partner app open instead.
  5. Uffda

    Pool in CT?

    Has Uber Pool come to CT? Had a ride this morning and was a couple minutes out from the destination when the app gave me a pop up along the lines of "Another passenger has been detected" and gave me only an option to accept. It eventually timed out and I got a log off/log on, since my trip was...
  6. Uffda

    Is a 4 door jeep permissible?

    I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited registered for Uber in CT. No issues when I submitted it. Mostly use my wife's car (Volvo XC90 - UberXL), but have the Jeep in just in case. Might be handy this winter. :)
  7. Uffda

    TNC CT 2 way radio (Zello app)

    Hey all. Driving out of Norwalk, looking at evenings when I can. Downloaded the Zello app and joined as uffda203, but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. :) Hopefully, will actually get to listen/participate soon. Cheers!
  8. Uffda

    New to Uber!

    I've only worked Friday and Saturday (and spent most of Friday night driving to NJ), but would think playing the crowd flows might work any night. New Canaan, for example, seemed to be surging much of the night, as did Ridgefield, and both are popular for dinner crowds and commuters from the...
  9. Uffda

    New to Uber!

    Only been out 2 nights myself, but there seemed to be good surges all along the 95/15 corridor. You wouldn't need to head all the way to Stamford. Fairfield/Bridgeport might work, especially north of 15 at times, as people seem to be looking for rides back down to 95 at different times of...
  10. Uffda

    Riders to NYC

    Thanks for the feedback! Based on surging I saw around the lower Fairfield County area this past weekend, looks like most CT drivers might be better off staying local unless the long haul was a surge. Now I have to figure out the best way to sort out rider destinations before the rider is...
  11. Uffda

    Riders to NYC

    How do Southwestern CT drivers feel about rides into NYC or NJ, especially late night? Is it worth it, even though it's almost definitely just one way? Just started driving UberXL on Friday evening. My third trip of the evening was across the Tappan Zee Bridge into NJ, with a stop in...