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    Would an Uber/Lyft merger be good or bad for drivers?

    They already have. Why would they ever admit it?
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    reporting weed tourists

    Wow you admit to partaking and then you also rat!!!!
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    Lot of respect to you. Not sure I could of demonstrated with the same constraint.
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    deactivated for low rating by uber can you work for lyft ?

    Please really look at your own faults. Sometimes it takes a while to mature
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    Petrol heading to $2 per litre

    Lol how much more than 5 dollars a day in gas increases are you trying to pin on the Donald?
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    It’s Time To Celebrate

    Sarcasm?????? Well I have more than 3000. I can send you a autograph and pic of me next to my car if you want it
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    Stacked ping pax who call while you're still on the previous ride

    I have indicated that I am hard of hearing and since have got 99% texts only
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    Newbie here...

    Yes this is basically a system that let's you drain the equity value of your car so you can reallocate the recieved funds to pay off high interest loans. Anything else and your wishing to big.
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    Where do full time drivers live in SF?

    R. V. , camping, cars, truck beds, beach, boat slips, hot bedding, you name it. Where there is a will there's a way
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    New app

    They monitor our speed now
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    Uber drivers tinting their windows

    Crazy. Why not just keep your car lights in working order
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    Rider added a stop at Walmart then back home unable to cancel waited 30 minutes while he shopped

    Start the second trip and drive till you're far enough to end the trip. No way would I get punked that hard.
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    $2500 repair bill

    I guess I would not have ABS braking and just change the pads
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    Uber has done it.

    Not 1 of us believes you
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    Cheap ass people

    Come on just a hair shot