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    Caribana Toronto 2017

    I was going to write the exact same thing to this thread. LOL
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    Got a red light ticket

    I got a red light ticket in the mail. I went through the light in order to avoid an accident because me and this other guy were going into the same lane at the same time and I swerved back into my lane and last second went through the ref light. I opted to "an early resolution" and have a...
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    its slow? catch up on maintenance tasks

    Or you can focus on applying to real jobs.
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    Uber is REALLY dead

    I don't know about you guys, but here in the GTA (Brampton/mississauga), Uber is dead. It's so slow here. I guess I'll have to drive to Toronto, but is that area any better with the over-saturation of drivers as well?
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    UberEATS coupons

    Saw this on redflagdeals, only the $10 off worked for me.
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    Tip feature

    I think he was joking about it going to 25%
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    Tip feature
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    New destination feature

    I did but I don't see it
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    New destination feature

    How can I get this feature?
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    Tip feature

    I'm going to 1 star them.
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    New destination feature

    Does this allow you to stay in a certain area, say I only want to stay in peel region?
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    Tip feature

    You guys are messing with me lol
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    Tip feature

    People are being bumped to 25%!!!?!?!? Really?
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    Tip feature

    "For drivers, being able to accept tips requires making sure the Driver app is updated to the most recent version. If you’re on the latest build, you might also have to force quit and relaunch the app. Once it re-opens, it should present you with a screen that alerts you to the new ability to...