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    $1200 Uber Trip

    ¡Yo no sé 🤷‍♂️
  2. Uber's Guber

    No I’m not taking your fat ass through the drive through 🤬

    Tell the Paxhole to go inside and order while you take a piss in the restroom. Hop back in your car while Paxhole is waiting for food and haul ass. Stop at the nearest dumpster and toss any anchors into the trash.
  3. Uber's Guber

    $1200 Uber Trip

    Use Uber as a pax once in a while, you’ll be shocked to find another English speaking driver.
  4. Uber's Guber

    Uber and Lyft All Electric

    Those issues are decided by state or local ordinances. Uber/Lyft does not lobby for any laws that might hamper its ability to flood the streets with as many ants as possible.
  5. Uber's Guber

    Airport pings while not at the airport

    It happens when you're near the airport and the queue is empty. I jump on those. It's rare though, usually there are plenty ants sitting on their asses waiting inside the queue already.
  6. Uber's Guber

    This would end my Uber career......

    If it's a bone you want, there's easier ways to get one without all the hassle of being an Uber/Lyft driver. :cools:
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    Lyft Signs

    Are you a real Uber/Lyft driver, or somebody pretending to look legitimate during their crusades to find their next rape victim? :cautious:
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    Low back pain

  9. Uber's Guber

    This would end my Uber career......

    Typical hood dweller always scamming and planning their next criminal activity. This is why I don’t do ghettos.
  10. Uber's Guber

    5* Star Ratings

    Why you worrying about stars? Do you pay your rent and purchase baby formula with stars? Stop worrying about stupid shit and keep your eyes on the pay rates instead.
  11. Uber's Guber

    I'm not going to make my 20 trips this week..

    Why you going to court? Who’d you piss off this time?? :geek:
  12. Uber's Guber

    Transportation Company looking for Drivers

    You just described Uber/Lyft. :p
  13. Uber's Guber

    If you were able to go back to 18, what'd you do different?

    Think less about what I would do different on my 21st birthday.
  14. Uber's Guber

    Stand-up Comedy Clips

  15. Uber's Guber

    Uber lock me out for 2days cos I didn't reserve my time on driving but I have only 17 hours for me to put in reservation for a week. Can anyone help m

    Ha, that’s a large-size load of shit! Good ol’ de Blasio and his fixer-upper bullshit fixes. :roflmao: