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    Unaccompanied minor cancellation

    The pax sees a sincere apology from Rohit and 3 free ride credits. You see a sudden drop in ping requests.
  2. Uber's Guber

    Disgusting, inconsiderate pax (yes, another thread on this topic)

    If you're going to be a rideshare driver, you're going to need some new habits.
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    help i really need help

    You got assaulted, and you don't have any dashcam video for us to enjoy? Total fail! :frown:
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    Not paid by uber

    Do you make it a habit of joining forums for the sole purpose of talking to yourself? :o-o: :biggrin: :p 🤪
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    Not paid by uber

    You get paid to drive pax in your vehicle. You don't get paid for turning on the app while sitting at home playing video games and waiting for a ping to appear. Really? :rolleyes: Never heard of such a thing......
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    NEW LYFT STUPIDITY - Offline Timeouts, when App is running in Background

    Almost as good as the permanently deactivated feature. :biggrin:
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    Lyft feedback

    Lyft stops sending these feedback requests to drivers they're preparing to permanently deactivate. :p
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    uber drivers always talking about stocks that lose well

    I don't shop in stores who's policy is to allow fat hairy men to use the little girls bathrooms. https://www.charismanews.com/us/64114-target-ceo-admits-bathroom-policy-announcement-was-huge-mistake
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    Four Lyft App Updates and Two Terms & Conditions Updates Over 3 weeks. What's Going On?

    Let me summarize it for you: There is NOTHING new being offered by Lyft that will enhance or benefit you the driver. Only pain, no gain.
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    What the most offensive thing

    :redface: It's a felony to display a lethal weapon.
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    Rideshare Driver: Passengers Are Routinely Carting Drugs

    It was left for the driver, only because pax are unable to tip drugs through the app.
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    Paxhole.... what’s this worth?

    Pawn shops won't waste time with shit like this. Donate it to Goodwill.
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    What the most offensive thing

    You can pay me to stand next to them and fart.
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    How to report other drivers?

    Were you that Uber driver driving throwing empty beer cans out your windows and weaving in & out of traffic while speeding to pick up your next pax? Is there a platform or any other way to report you? Because we already have enough ants on the road. :coolio:
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    I'm a new driver

    That's right! The IRS knows us Uber/Lyft drivers are being drowned in tips by our clientele who hold us drivers in high regards. In fact, our pax put us drivers so high up on the pedestal, the sunlight blinds their eyes when they look up to us. You can write off the cost you paid for that wheel...