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    Airport Rematch Issues?

    In my experience airports are actually quite slow for Uber/Lyft around Thanksgiving. Most people just have a family member drop them off or pick them up.
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    Moron Select driver alert

    It happens. I had an Uber driver stupid enough to pick me up in a 2018 black Suburban a couple of months ago in the Washington DC area... on an EXPRESS POOL trip. The Suburban was spotless and had less than 10,000 miles. I asked him if he was losing money driving Pool trips, and he said he...
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    Dca parking ??

    Shh, a secret: Park at the Huntington Metro station. The big garage has about 20 spaces on level 1B that allow long-term parking (up to 10 days). Then it’s an 11 minute ride on the Yellow Line to the airport. When you get back , all you pay is one day’s parking fee - $4.95 weekdays, $2.00...
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    What is UZURV? My friend mentioned the App? Uzurv is legal in VA as of earlier this year.
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    New Email from Uber - Coming soon...LIVE SUPPORT!

    I'll call and ask them what time it is in Manila.
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    CT driver - drive in Washington, DC??

    You should be able to do Lyft in DC without making a change to your account. Whether it's 100% legal - probably not. I believe you need a Virginia safety inspection plus the Lyft/Uber sign in your right rear window to drive legally in DC or VA. Maryland requires a background check.
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    Airport rules?

    You can walk from the south end of Crystal Dr. to the airport (up the offramp - it has a sidewalk). It's fairly well marked and takes about 15 minutes to the main terminal. I've done it to save on parking.
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    Beyond frustrated with Uber customer service

    Any four door car, model year 2002 or newer, should qualify for Uber RVA.
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    Retired from Uber and Wondering What to do with My TLC Car. Ideas?

    Isn't Turo still illegal in New York? I just did a search for Brooklyn and it only turned up cars in Jersey City. There was a cease and desist a few years back by the NY attorney general because of insurance issues.
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    Any Chance Whatsoever Getting a 2006 Car on Uber?

    Most markets Uber now accepts 2002 or newer (15 years). That is the case in Virginia, at least.
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    Que for X and XL at ewr

    Doesn't Uber give preference in sending NYC-bound X pings to TLC drivers at EWR and Jersey-bound pings to NJ drivers? I seem to remember reading that was the case not too long ago. If true, at least that will make up somewhat for the lack of destination filter when there is a queue.
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    Favorite food joints

    Sonny's Bagels in South Orange is my favorite eatery in NJ. Bagels are baked fresh every morning, just the right level of chewiness on the inside and a little crisp on the outside. They'll pile on a half inch schmear of cream cheese, too. I bring back a few dozen bagels to put in my freezer...
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    EWR 500

    Probably phantom cars.
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    Richmond: Earn an extra $2 per trip

    Just noticed this new incentive when I logged into the driver app tonight. $2 extra for each completed trip, from Tuesday 3/14/17 through Sunday 3/19/17. I haven't seen any incentive here in Richmond for a long time (over a year!) This isn't bad, at least for minimum fare shorties. The ants...
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    Kalanick to meet with disgruntled driver

    Probably the only time Travis has ever met with a driver.