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  • Thanks, you actually provided the info I needed. Uber just doesn't make it easy to understand what TLC licenses are indeed needed for particular regions. They keep directing me to city websites when I had no intention of driving there & don't want to pay for a TLC license (nyc) I dont need/want at the moment, so I was just curious how you started out. Thanks again; good luck & be safe!
    Yes I got my TLC from NYC. I am not sure what you are asking. I am in the process of getting my Nassau and Suffolk TLC licenses now.
    I came across a recent post of yours; did you originally begin as a driver in NYC? And therefore have a TLC?
    I keep on being directed to the driverubernyc website, even though I keep putting in my location as a Suffolk County town. In fact, they even show the geographic region of NYC, so I am a little confused. I appreciate your insight.
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