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  • You should have kept track of your expenses (miles driven $0.56 a mile). Add up all your expenses and subtract them from the money they deposited in your checking and that's how much money you made. You would need to know your tax bracket, most likely 15%. Multiply it by 15% and that would be your quarterly amount you should pay. My Uber taxable income is not big enough to make a quarterly deposit.
    I started driving UberX December of 2013 but didn't end up including the earning on my taxes since I didn't get a 1099. For my 2014 taxes I am trying to calculate my earnings and estimated taxes quaterly, but have no idea where to begin. Is there a simplified excel sheet for part time UberX drivers?
    I have to say you and I have a little connection here. You joined this forum on my day of birth. Aug 13 is a very special day to me. Carry on my Chicago brother! My Dad was born there in 1930
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