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    Covid-19 New world order is HERE. Wake up!!

    Under the smokescreen of a HOAX pandemic smokescreen the unravelling of the Jew World Order is upon us and it couldn't be more in our faces. Sadly people are SHEEP and the TV and mass Jew Media is the SHEPHERD. The Lord gave us a brain... USE IT... or the media bullshit WILL
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    Second stimulus package next week

    Cheers for that.
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    Disgraceful Taxi drivers

    I had the same thing in Sydney 20 years ago.
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    Sweden says: - Corona is all BS !! & Sweden economy all ok!

    It's all a smokescreen to divert the minds of the indoctrinated masses while they usher in GLOBAL-MILITARY-OCCUPATION... A NEW (JEW) WORLD ORDER. WAKE up! FFS! 1588229266 Spot on!
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    Sweden says: - Corona is all BS !! & Sweden economy all ok!

    Oh what craap. It is all BS. You are suffering cognitive dissonance. Watching the TV and mainstream BS propaganda. The 2nd biggest Deception of the 21st century after the 9/11 Deception. WAKE up @@@@ 1588228931 Corona V is a cold, they have bluffed the sheeple. You can not catch a virus...
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    Covid-19 is NOT a Pandemic, it a DEMOCIDE... Please watch.

    I know this information is not really uber related, but sort of is, because we are all victims of this fake pandemic. I just hope to wake people up, no conspiricies, it's either lies or truth. The pandemic is LIES. The scary thing folks is that Zionist monsters behind this Corona lie to control...
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    Covid-19 is NOT a Pandemic, it a DEMOCIDE... Please watch.

    Scomo is a liar and a traitor along with all the scum in this counterfeit corporation sitting in Canberra. Look up agenda 21 folks. The scum in Canberra don't have our best interests, only the interests of their bosses in Washington dc. We are a corporation of America.
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    COVIDSafe app available for download now

    Oh please, do you work for the paedophiles in government in Canberra. Stop promoting the fake pandemic. The biggest Deception since 9/11. Please people, wake up and don't partake in this Scamdemic.
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    Coronavirus and Rideshare

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    How much you guys making?

    Probably an 80% reduction.
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    Coronavirus and Rideshare

    I think we have to pay ourselves first and then ato will reimburse $1500. Uber won't pay us and claim that amount owing to being a globalist corporate criminal entity. Is there a way to claim as a sole trader with F all money working from hand to mouth, week to week?
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    Coronavirus and Rideshare

    I've heard the Vic pol are nasty mf's. What is it with Victoria. Such a nice state and Mel a lovely city.
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    Coronavirus and Rideshare

    Ooooh ouch, will get them in. Lol 1587013937 So its only possible to apply on 20th? Morally they should still pay if takes are owing. If not, Fukem.