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    If you’re talking about living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings... that’s most of us. So don’t down your mentality by saying your broke. Look into setting aside some dough for savings, for emergencies like these.
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    @Suave damn sorry to hear bro. I mean our members on this forum are one of the best and if you’re really struggling with food, we could try to chip something in and make it work. Who’s with the idea? @NYCguy2020 @jaybx17 @FuberNYC @Jim1985
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    Tested positive for Covid 19

    Damn bro, all is gonna be well. Listen to the doctors and do essential stuff you have to do. (Take meds, drink tea, rest, etc.) I hope you get better 🙌🏽
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    What y'all watching

    Heard that show money heist is good, so about to start that.
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    Finally decided to move.

    Damn bro. All jokes aside the forum is gonna miss you... unless you decide to keep us company here 🥺
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    Question about UI

    They didn’t even say nothing about it. It automatically gave him confirmation # and said to claim his benefits from next Wednesday
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    Coronavirus cases by zip code

    It’s over... them Jews/hipsters got mines at 307-947.
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    Question about UI

    Guys so my friend who did his application, got a confirmation # at the end and none of us got that I’m assuming. They said he could start claiming his benefits starting next Wednesday. Does he have to call or submit his 1099? Also, do you guys think he could’ve done something wrong on the...
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    Filling out the online pandemic unemployment insurance claim correctly.

    My friend got his confirmation # right away and he didn’t get that part at the end where he has to call. He can claim from next Wednesday.
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    Filling out the online pandemic unemployment insurance claim correctly.

    Yeah it crashed on my laptop 15-20 times. Got it done on my phone instead.
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    Live look at how dead it’s out there

    For you ants out there WHY ARE YOU GUYS OUT THERE CASES GROWING AND GROWING ON THE DAILY. Everyone stay inside so we could go out in the summer cus I’m going nuts staying home already 😂😭 not a single job in the city, boroughs, airports .... and this time on a regular day base would be stripped...
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    SBA- Loan EIN number

    Yeah I was asking for UI, thanks bro.
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    SBA- Loan EIN number

    That is in fact tricky. Thanks zubs. I’ll just put 3 for now and if anyone says anything, I’ll change it at the end.
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    SBA- Loan EIN number

    For the question: how many employers have you worked for the past 18 months... do we count base/uber/Lyft as an employer or just select none?