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    Online defensive courses . Recommendations

    I went to my place in Jackson heights and they wrote it for sometime in February just Paid $50
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    TLC license renewal question

    It’s that time of the year. So I needed a new ddc and the people who do it for me said they’re not allowed to do any classes now (cus of corona) so they’re going to show I completed it in March. That’s not a problem, right?
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    Money from disbanded Crime Unit , lets finance this social service , my idea>>>

    Anti crime cops were regular uniformed officers before going into plain clothes. My brother was anti crime too, you just gotta have a lot of fun/drug collars that’s it.
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    Need a used 7 seater everyday driver ( non TLC )

    He not gonna go to corona to get corona 😂😂
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    Need a quote for NYC to Boston

    Well 2 years ago I have a suv job from my base to Boston, trip was 1600 w tips 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    TLC storage

    U work for skyline? 😂
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    What to do if nypd hits your car?

    The cop stopped
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    What to do if nypd hits your car?

    Pathetic right? Well it’s a 2 point ticket I’m pretty sure. And he turned on siren on when he rammed my bro’s car. Thanks bro.
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    What to do if nypd hits your car?

    Pigs hit my bro in laws car and gave him ticket for “failing to signal” when he signaled. so, he signaled to get out.. undercover car stopped and as he was pulling out the unmarked car hit the gas. Indian boss told the rookie dumbasses to give him a ticket too smh:mad:
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    When you miss that $5.43 ping by 2 seconds

    U out of touch, u don’t school me about my own hood. Bet u from Montana or some shit big boy
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    When you miss that $5.43 ping by 2 seconds

    Lol you’re talking to a 30 year resident of Williamsburg. So you’re telling me how that stretch from S1-S5 of havemeyer ain’t bad? You must be living under a rock cus that’s where all these Dominican dealers live at.
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    When you miss that $5.43 ping by 2 seconds

    S5 & Havemeyer is a troubled part of the south side in Williamsburg, too much gang/drug dealers
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    Missing a lot of payments

    You can dm them and a bot will reply asking you for your name, phone #, and your issue.
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    NYC Food Delivery Program

    Yes you can. I emailed them and they clarified to me you can deliver with a non TLC plated car.
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    Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak to my fellow Muslims in here!! Have a blessed day, don’t let quarantine make this Eid any less fun... go enjoy the day with family :)