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    PUA Denied

    Should have said self-employed, we are not employees of Uber or Lyft
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    Insurance for Roadie deliveries in Washington State

    My take on it is roadie is not a TNC because they don't transport passengers just cargo-they also don't provide any insurance-Kind of like delivering pizzas
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    The Toilet Paper Thread 🧻

    yes they do I've seen people in 7-Eleven buying toilet paper at 2 a.m. in their slippers and pajamas !
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    How to know your true credit score?

    There's different versions that lenders use but FICO would be the most accurate score I think
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    Is anyone using the Waze App??

    Google maps has the waze speed trap feature now
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    Judge halts California "gig worker" law from taking effect for truckers

    A federal judge has temporarily blocked a new California labor law from impacting more than 70,000 independent truckers...
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    Does uber garnish wages

    Yep if the money is going in a bank they will garnish the account they don't care where the money comes from
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    FIVE Week Earnings...

    That info can also be faked by the board admins to make the board look busier
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    Question about the “permanent” move requirement for Uber/Lyft

    I did this it was a couple years ago Lyft was fine they just switched my account within a few days - Uber was a pain in the ass I couldn't get anybody to do anything - they finally told me apply for a new driver account in my new state and it took 2 weeks to get approved
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    New Lyft training

    I sat at home with my phone on the coffee table and let the videos run while I watched X-Men - I have no idea what was on the videos
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    Lyft Express rental question

    On the Lyft app they have hybrid cars to rent but it doesn't say what type of car they are does anybody know?
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    James River Group to Cancel Auto Insurance for Uber Affiliate Rasier

    I noticed recently on the rides given in Michigan that the waybill says Allstate now not James River
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    Uber Rider app no longer showing your own car on the map?

    Not everything they show you on the map is real - cars or surge
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    Anyone make more money with Lyft than Uber?

    Yep same Lyft is .80 vs Uber .60 mile
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    Confused in the deuce... Uber select?

    Some of the cars in app are fake just like some of the surges