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    Lyft Express rental question

    On the Lyft app they have hybrid cars to rent but it doesn't say what type of car they are does anybody know?
  2. UberNorthDfw

    James River Group to Cancel Auto Insurance for Uber Affiliate Rasier

    I noticed recently on the rides given in Michigan that the waybill says Allstate now not James River
  3. UberNorthDfw

    Uber Rider app no longer showing your own car on the map?

    Not everything they show you on the map is real - cars or surge
  4. UberNorthDfw

    Anyone make more money with Lyft than Uber?

    Yep same Lyft is .80 vs Uber .60 mile
  5. UberNorthDfw

    Confused in the deuce... Uber select?

    Some of the cars in app are fake just like some of the surges
  6. UberNorthDfw

    Lyft's Cut Throat Cancellation policy...

    7) just drive home and don't pick up rider they will cancel
  7. UberNorthDfw

    Should I collect cans instead

    I see 10 cent can pickers in michigan gas stations all the time looking through the trash
  8. UberNorthDfw

    Hey Detroit! How'd ya do this weekend?

    Had a good night too 10p to 2:30a Had 3 consecutive trip bonuses + quest Total $152
  9. UberNorthDfw

    Can a Detroit driver pick up in Toledo? or approved to do multistates?

    Not sure how much this helps you but having been to Toledo to do drop offs can't Uber but Lyft app works there
  10. UberNorthDfw

    Uber taking over Chicago

    Uber Freight is just a broker they don't have trucks or unload them or anything like that
  11. UberNorthDfw

    Uber announces 2000 jobs to Chicago.

    I think there's a very good chance you are correct
  12. UberNorthDfw

    AB 5 TO BE PASSED INTO LAW.- is corrupt lyft!!!! leaving CALIFORNIA???

    Is it just coincidental that Uber is planning big new offices in Dallas/Deep Ellum? https://www.dallasnews.com/business/technology/2019/08/09/uber-s-dallas-office-could-bring-3000-jobs-downtown-be-company-s-biggest-hub-outside-san-francisco/
  13. UberNorthDfw

    Social Security retirement benefits.

    SS uses your top 20 years to determine your benefits
  14. UberNorthDfw

    Do you think that Uber Fares will go up when Cab Companies go out of business?

    Almost all large corporations operate like that it can be 30 to 120 days till you get paid
  15. UberNorthDfw

    Driverless Cars Arrive in New York City

    Teamsters ain't what they used to be- only about 3% of trucking jobs are Union- Mostly the old school trucking companies like Yellow Freight ABF Central Freight