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    Anyone driving in Bangor area?

    I was just wondering the business level in the Bangor area! Anyone have info on this? How busy or where to find PAX? Also, if you hang out in Bangor/Brewer area do you get request from the UMaine campus or do you have to hang out closer to the school? Thanks!
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    Is Uber's Assessment True?

    I am very new and drive 10-15hrs a week in a very small area in Southern Maine. I have a full time job and found Uber/Lyft to supplement my income. This time includes my travel (1.5hrs one way)to Portland, Me area to drive. I normally drive Thursday-Saturday 10p-3a or a variation. I stay...
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    Trade dress?!?

    So... how many of you are actually dressing your windows?
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    What has been your shortest ride?

    Haha. Mine was last night in the rain. Ri Ra’s to the Hampton on corner of Franklin and Fore! Easy $3 But got a $1 tip Ha
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    rider spilled coffee

    I had to report a rider last night, drunk lady with friends vomited and even pee’d a bit in my back seat. I luckily have cheap seat covers over my clothes seats. I was able to take a photo of the mess before I cleaned it up between stacked rides. When I finally reported it. They immediately sent...
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    Maine is fun too!

    Maine is fun too!
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    PAMELA ANDERSON pleads to Uber/Lyft riders; "don't ride alone!" #metoo

    Fame comes with many advantages and disadvantages! And premiere is under the same safety scrutiny as UberX. What would of happened if the next intoxicated person that passes out isn’t “checked” on? Riders need to not worry about every driver being that bad egg... poor judgement is made in all...