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    Safe for a woman driver?

    Daytime is where it's at or cut it off at 9pm. I never work past midnight as I don't think it's safe for anyone at that time. Also the number one thing I learned is don't be afraid to cancel!!! If you don't like the looks of someone or your getting a vibe or anything at all just cancel and drive...
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    Acceptance Rate Questions?

    They don't seem overly concerned about it. I have an ongoing issue at Lovefield when In in the que I'm getting hammered with ride requests outside the airport. I emailed them and they said it was an automated thing and not to pay any attention to it. BUT I wanted something in email so if I get...
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    Investigation - physical altercation with passenger

    So here is something I never expected. I get a call last night from Uber at 11 PM saying there is an active investigation and the call is being recorded. There was a physical altercation between myself and a passenger. Crazy thing is this never happened. I haven't had a physical altercation...