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    How do you stay fit?

    The only sugar I've consumed in the past 60 days has been from berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries). They are the only fruits I eat. I usually try to get at least one serving of them a day. I avoid other fruits because the ratio of fiber to sugar in them is too low...
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    How do you stay fit?

    As of this morning, I've lost 32 pounds in 60 days. First couple weeks all I did was eat low carb. Then I started intermittent fasting for a couple weeks. As a result my appetite completely disappeared. I could go long periods without eating. So I started doing alternate day fasting, and on the...
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    “Call after you arrive” what do you guys do?

    Anyone who texts through the app is familiar with the app. These people who make requests like "call me when you arrive" are high maintenance people. I'll pick them up and 1 star them so I never get their requests in the future, just like I do to riders who I learn after I pick them up that...
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    My "almost" record tonight for my longest wait before pickup...almost 30 minutes.

    Glad it paid off for you, but I will never wait past the 5 minute mark. For every good story about waiting like this one there are 100+ nightmare stories.
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    Restaurant located in a house garage?

    When Lyft and UberX services started, they were illegal too. It's really no different. People were using their personal vehicles to provide non-licensed taxi cab services. It's licensed pretty much everywhere now, but for years they weren't. Why are people here so shocked that people are now...
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    “Call after you arrive” what do you guys do?

    Maybe it's the "deaf or hard of hearing" setting that I have turned on that doesn't require me to call.
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    “Call after you arrive” what do you guys do?

    I get paid by Lyft by just sending a text. I don't have to call to get the no show fee.
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    “Call after you arrive” what do you guys do?

    When they ask me that I respond, "because I get paid whether you show up or not. If you don't want to get hit with a 'no show' fee, then pay attention to the app, 'cause it notifies you when I arrived."
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    AB 5 TO BE PASSED INTO LAW.- is corrupt lyft!!!! leaving CALIFORNIA???

    Looks like a lot of losing is about to happen.
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    Do you have a plan in place for retirement?

    For people who earn so much that they are taxed in higher brackets, tax deferred retirement accounts like 401Ks are the very basic minimum. Their purpose is to avoid paying a high tax rate now in exchange to paying a lower tax rate later on in retirement. it assumes you will be in a lower tax...
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    Self employment taxes

    Yes, if you make a profit you pay self employment taxes on that profit. It's no different than an employer paying payroll taxes on their employee's wages.
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    I took a COBOL class as an elective after taking a PASCAL class that was required for my major and really liking it. But that was 25+ years ago. I don't remember any of it now. In fact, after liking PASCAL I was thinking of changing my major to CIS, but after taking the COBOL class I decided not...
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    Am I the first person to say QAnon? WOO HOO! WOO HOO! I AM THE FIRST! I AM THE FIRST!
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    Deactivated and terrified

    When you know the pax is lying about the dog being a service animal, just shut up, give them the ride and go offline after you drop them off.... so that you can get the clearing fee.
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    How many 1 stars do you have and average ratings is...? (please participate!)

    I have four 1 stars, and I know for a fact that every single one of them is from a rider who assumed the "multiple stop" feature is the "I have numerous places to do business" feature, and I didn't wait for them to do their business at a stop.