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    How long do you wait...

    3-5, unless they are buying for me or I need a restroom stop
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    NJ Fined Uber $649 Million

    Uber Fined $649 Million for Saying Drivers Aren’t Employees - The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/14/nyregion/uber-new-jersey-drivers.html
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    4 years in and never have I ever...

    Next time just leave the door open as you use it.... as the others do. Lol.... wawa
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    Pax getting in your car and throwing their bags in it

    Driving mornings.... does that include coffee
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    How do you deal with exhaustion?

    Double expresso Naps at wawa
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    Seems like NJ driver ratings are low

    Vaping.... you must not follow the news too much. Particles flying, what's in the invisible vapor (smoke) not much in studies. Google... vaping lung disease, vaping deaths, vaping and autoimmune disease 2nd handed vapor
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    First one quitting.. adios!

    Funny thing... i know exactly what you mean... i am rhcsa for 3 years on rhel7, over 20 years unix/linux... and don't even do sysadmin work. pmp for 13 years... my focus now. Management or technical... big difference in tasks, pay the same. Can't even touch a server now, can't remember, but it...
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    Uber Comfort is here - Philly

    What were the miles and minutes rate?
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    Lyft Shared: Last Time Ever!

    L earned that lesson years ago after picking up 3 shared riders at the airport.... they each paid $17 because it pops up for each rider what they paid at the end... rider1=17, rider2=17, rider3=17... Driver=$17... nit more of thst for me, unless major surge and I stop all rides.
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    Uber driver says she’s kicking gay couple out because they’re gay (VIDEO) ?

    For me... not a kiss on the cheek. I have no iasue with that. I just dont like full out making out. There are so many times when some folks get in my car and want to try in full force to make out and have sex. It is just not right and disrespectful. I will nit allow it in my vehicle. There is...
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    Randy Dobnak

    I thought that was his stats... hahaha
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    Uber driver says she’s kicking gay couple out because they’re gay (VIDEO) ?

    I hate the sound of smacking, slurping in my ear. They all can just respect my me and my car.... gay or straight.
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    Uber Loan Shark?

    It's like sharecropping. Slavery.
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    Uber driver says she’s kicking gay couple out because they’re gay (VIDEO) ?

    It is so gross to me having any couple heterosexual or gay trying to make out in my car. My grand and family sits in the other seats. I don't do it and neither is some stranger.
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    Philly anyone else struggling to hit even ten rides in a day?

    College kids are coming back. Don't fret.