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    Election Day / Aftermath

    Canada doesn't want you nor anybody from the U.S. 1604465025 One cannot just "move" to Canada. They don't want us.
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    False Reports

    Some of my best friends are Filipinos...
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    I got a call from Uber's Attorney

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    Prop 22 : Are you for or against it?

    I'm voting YES on 22. AB5 is tax/money grab by the state--written by our own Lorena Gonzalez of Chula Vista ( her husband: Nathan Fletcher).
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    O’Conner Settlement

    Excellent! *Wishing* I had started driving for Uber sooner than I did...just missed all the good stuff.
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    Vehicle Inspection

    Was it $15 or $20? They can't charge you a range...
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    How is business??

    Here's an idea: Get in your car, turn on the app, and see how it goes...
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    Will it get any better then right now?

    Agree with Seth.....let's not broadcast too loudly how lovely conditions are at present.
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    The daily death count is on right now.

    6,000,000? That's roughly double the county's actual population. Nevertheless...
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    Work in San Diego

    Um......turn on the app and see what happens. Let us know how it goes.
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    Gavin Newsom

    He's dreamy? So is that rack that's caught his attention....
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    Judge to Uber: Find short-term benefits for drivers

    How 'bout mailing active drivers an N-95 mask? That would be a good start.
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    sheriff's department has stated that only essential people be on the road and they're going to start siding fines for those who

    Probably just a CHP "traffic break" to remove something dangerous from the freeway and/or to allow a tow truck to get into position. They actually happen all the time.
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    Low acceptance punishment

    It's been discussed.....who knows what's really going on, but it could be punishment.
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    Virus spreading in China

    No, we should worry about how little we're making driving these @@@@@@@@ around.