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    Orlando Uber driver gets punched in the face and vehicle stolen by passengers

    In florida, state law, you have the right to refuse service to anyone. FUFK UBER AND LYFT. NEVER SHOULD YOU BE PENALIZED FOR NOT ACCEPTING A RIDE! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TOO! Especially lyft, 300% primetime and 5 request outside the prime and several, more then 10 minutes. Oh, I should RIDE...
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    Riddle me this...

    HAHAHAHAHHA , that happens to me all the time! I have regulars, they always get someone other then me. Solution, get fare estimate, then just swipe with square or paypal, or take cash!! I tried to explain this before. I've been in the middle of surges and get request 15 minutes away a lot...
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    Big earning week. Get ready to get rich

    1.2 AND 1.4 to drive them across the street... YAY ! $ 3.20 instead of $3.oo and a poor rating. because the time it took in the traffic was insane because there were 5000 uber drivers rushing out to make 20 cents more.
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    1.6 surge cap AGAIN, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL!!!

    I wrote them. After a few auto Response, reply messages that had nothing to do with the original question, as usual (which was very simple, why is uber capping surge rates in Orlando), this was there response... "Thanks for getting back. We really appreciate you reaching out. It’s important...
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    1.6 surge cap AGAIN, YOU ARE SO SPECIAL!!!

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! What is your (F) ucking problem UBER?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who decides to cap the surge? Why do you (F) uck with Orlando drivers so much? Surged several times last night and not once did it pas 1.6 ( in Orlando)_
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    No thanks, why would I risk my safety, or my drivers license for $20... is this really the mentality of drivers out there? This is one reason so many pax abuse their drivers. One driver will do something completely stupid and the pax expect that all drivers will be that foolish.
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    I hope this image is self explanatory. All these people (and this is only a few places), waiting for uber x.., have money to go out, have fun, spend money, and get drunk. But, Uber doesn't want to charge a surge rate to get these people home safe and help the drivers make some better money.. (...
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    no uber today? What the heck

    Orlando and Surge? Orlando hardly gets any surge to begin with, and when it does surge it last for 5 minutes... ORLANDO UBER SUCKS!!!!!!
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    Since it's likely uber will cap surges, and the gas prices are much higher and availability of fuel will be limited, they should contribute by offering all drivers a boost rate to compensate those willing to drive. The boost should at least bring the rate to $1.25 per mile!
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    One Word Uber Orlando Sucks Topic

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    surge cap at 1.7x

    Most drivers.. Are already on line with no surge! They seem to be very happy with 71 cents less the additional fees. I think uber takes 50 % of minimum rides. Booking fee, service fee, and their 20% or 25% depending on when you signed up. It's disgusting! And 1.7 (1.21) should be the uber x...
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    surge cap at 1.7x

    WE ARE TALKING ABOUT CURRENT NEWS!!! i could show you much bigger surge payouts from "back in the day" WE are talking about the last couple weeks. Same Time last year Earnings!!! Same Effort!!:eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    I'd like to list my own areas! Disney, I drive and Downtown.. what if I am downtown... LOl Uber Techs don't know our market!
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    surge cap at 1.7x

    LOL, FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE IS SEEING THIS!!!!, Its been happening for a couple weeks now! Surged for at least an hour, never passed 1.7. Places like Cowboys, Gilt and the Milk district had a wait from 12 - 18 minutes for uber X. Daytona was over 2 surge last night. Why is Fuber Flocking Orlando...
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    Pulled from hot spot!

    That doesn't explain why when I'm already at the hot spots, like Gilt, or cowboys, When surging and several minutes for an uber, I would get jerked away when already at the place request are being made., How about last night, August 12, 2017, between 2:20 a.m. & 2:45 a.m., 14-18 minutes for an...