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    Time for a new car !

    I paid off the uber civic and leased it out for $150 a week .....I went with the Toyota Rav 4 XLE The civic will end up paying my car note on the rav4 $352 .50 a month !
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    Time for a new car !

    Ok the Uber Honda Civic is paid off and leased back out into the wild and Now I am in the market for a new Uber car . I do not want to go over $21000 any suggestions ?
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    You just never know ?
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    At least they are paying what it’s worth...

    I can see it now ...Uber corporate scratching there heads saying ...Why do we keep losing drivers ?
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    Picking Up Strippers

    remember Studio 1 ......all the girls were Tens ! the owner got busted for not paying taxes and they raided the place !
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    How can I stay energized all day while driving 8-10 hours a day?

    just walk for 20 minutes .....drink green tea with no sugar !
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    Uber Promoting Use Of The Service For Medical Transport e.g. Pregnant Women For Childbirth

    all I want to know is do I get a nifty red flashing light that I can put on my dash ! maybe a siren also ?
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    Uber and Lyft deactivated this driver

    I would call 911 and hope they showed up in 10 minutes as I lay there with a shot from A 9 mm or maybe a 45 ...........NOT !!!!
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    Surge charge not passed through to driver

    In your TOS there is a thing called the bend over rule !
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    New app today

    I believe the new app is not on IOS so I am switching from Android to an Apple phone to go back to the old app
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    New app today

    I can not find where to cancel a ride once I start trip on the new app ?
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    (Rookie) First mess in the backseat

    So you got anchored with the purse Also when that guy put the purse in your car he can come back and say things like ... There was $100 is there plus a I phone etc etc !
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    GoBank + Wal-Mart = Nightmare!!!

    American Express has a prepaid card called Serve ...had it for 5 years I preload $100 aweek on it for misc expenses . Cost to load is zero
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    Oil change gone wrong! Law suit?

    Jiffy lube caused me $1900 damage and I got nothing !
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    Wait while rider grocery shop?!

    I can't wait I have another ride waiting