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    Rover/Woof App Experience?

    I had a PAX tell me about rover , it sounded neat. But I totally forgot about it, sounded like a neat gig if you like dogs. You can do it when traveling according to what I was told.
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    Teamsters or not?

    Being vague where the details are concerned is one thing, but this falls under silence. The vote depends on whether or not it is individually in our interest to be unionized or not. I want to hear from them, how being unionzed is in my interest.
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    Teamsters or not?

    It's hard to vote for someone who isn't offering details and they've had ample amount of time now to provide details.
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    Rover/Woof App Experience?

    Dex is right, there's a bit of a learning curve to doing this. A bad day right now you can still pull in a couple hundred bucks, in 2 months from now. A couple hundred will be a good day for alot of people.
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    Pee Spots!

    I had kidney failure last year, so whatever I drank was running thru me in no time. I found that any dark corner will do, when it's either that or pissing in your seat.
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    Rideshare Shame

    Papers please.
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    New Seattle Driver - need additional insurance?

    At the very minimum, I would recommend you have a Rideshare endorsement from your insurance company. So that your covered by your insurance for stage 1. It adds maybe $45 to my premium for every 6 months on my policy. I would also shop around a bit more, that sounds like an excessive amount...
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    Reasonable pickup locations

    Most of the time I know a decent alternate pick up locations for them to goto, when it's not a good place to pick up. They either go there , or get another Lyft. I've already given Seattle over $400 in tickets this year on another gig.
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    Sea-Tac sting?

    None of this shit is worth the massive ticket, even if it isn't a sting. I'm sure one of the 75 - 150 ants from various parts of the world. Will happily give them a ride in their Prius
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    Is it possible I'm blocked?

    Generally 40 a week, but it it does vary based on demand.
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    Oh Crap a Speeding Ticket

    Sounds like a scam, it's supposed to mention where and how fast.
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    What is your rating ?

    I'm at 4.82 on Lyft, I generally just concern myself getting them to where they need to go. And most of the time they talk I reply with huh? Your paying me to get you from point A to point B, within a reasonable amount of time without incident. Not to listen to your B.S. if it doesn't pertain to...
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    Meter Parking Only...

    Seattle has a pay by phone app, thankfully saves me the trouble of dealing with the machines. Ya it sucks to have money come out of your pocket, but it's alot less than the parking ticket will be.
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    I have a Tacoma driver question

    Appreciate the responses guys, thank you.
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    I have a Tacoma driver question

    So I have a friend who's wanting to do Tacoma and they (the Tacoma Lyft office) told him he can drive Seattle without a business license for Seattle. This sounds like a dubious claim, can anyone confirm this as BS or not.