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    ExpressDrive, Hertz wont auth repair, stuck all weekend

    I am outside (in fresno) my home area(Santa Clara/San jose). Batery crapped out, so went to firestone which i was to understand has a national account with hertz. Long story short firestone did work, then undid the work cause hertz wont authorize anything, not even a battery. Hertz says that its...
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    Lyft express drive program

    The pay you earn pays for the car, unless you are lucky enough to get the bonus. Even then, you still have to keep up your acceptance rating. So they dont want you cashing out before you pay for the car lol. And like was said, no PDB, your bonus now is towards the rental.
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    Lyft rental reward changes

    As i posted, tecnically, san jose does now. Only really its enough to cover the taxes as well. (105,155 or 200). inregards to being made to put up a deposit after all this time... Even though its the same car, and hes had it all this time, every month it is returned and rerented. So every month...
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    Lyft rental reward changes

    Thats on the rental company. What was your deposit before? 250 in san jose all this time.
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    Lyft rental reward changes

    In San jose they added a third teir and raised the highest to cover taxes. 180 for car plus 23.80 for tax. They also lowered peak ride requierment down from 30/40 to 20/25.
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    Lyft App + Waze is so slow, advice?

    Thank you TE i am aware of your posts and find them among the most entertaining on the forum. I have been with uber since august so there is not much of a learning curve with lyft. I do find the pax to be a little ruder though with lyft. go figure. I have read up quite a bit on lyft since i...
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    Lyft App + Waze is so slow, advice?

    So im finally approved for lyft and on the road. I found Uber+waze to work pretty decently. However Lyft and waze take for ever to talk to each other then i have to wait for waze to finally add the route. Is there a quicker way?
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    Another piece of "golden advice".

    Haha, neither. Simply pointing out the irony in following the letter of the contract by ignoring parts of the contract. I have no problem grow my personal and/or non uber proffesional network using passengers. In fact some of my top contacts were gardnered from passengers.
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    Another piece of "golden advice".

    Contact the passengers huh? Per the agreement you posted, Section 2.2 ... You shall not contact any Users or use any User’s personal data for any reason other than for the purposes of fulfilling Transportation Services. ...
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    Suprise Bonus!

    So i signed up for Uber in July 2016 using an acquaintances refferal code for $400 100 rides in 30 days. Worked off and on july and aug then quit because i had another job and no car. Forgot all about this. Started back up this april, and the other day i log on to see an extra $400!! And a...
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    Express Drive Hertz rental, they have my 250 deposit and i have no car

    So after 1 month of their hell application process i have finally been approved for lyft. I am convinced this was all a process to delay until they didnt have to pay out a bonus. So i reserved a rental from San Jose for friday, put down a $250 deposit. Everyday for a week they sent me a...
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    Traveling from Fresno to Bay Area, best piece of advice?

    Wow thanks for all the responses. I got to tell you ive got fresno down pretty good. I am nervous about driving around SanFran because i dont know the area at all. Even here the GPS messes up a lot. I switched my main town to SanFran a while back because fesno never has any bonuses or...
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    Traveling from Fresno to Bay Area, best piece of advice?

    Thought id give the Bay Area a go, considering those bonuses. Whats your best piece of advice for first timer to area? And ahaha, "dont drive" i have NEVER thought of that before!
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    Anyone with experience using Uber-Enterprise Rental Lease

    So average take home in Boston is $19 per hour, average trip is 3.3 miles. So ~$1300 and 574 miles. 1300-14%social security= 1,118. 1300-income tax (no milage deduction available here)=? 1118-$210(rental)= 908. 908 - $40 (20g at $2 pergallon at 30 mpg)=$868 So you're at 12.14 per hour. IF you...
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    Breast Feeding Passengers - Any Experience With This?

    He is saying he is a dad who owned breast fed kids not that he had breast fed them. He had breastfed kids. (someone breast fed his kids) He had breastfed kids. (he breastfed the kids) lol english is weird. Simple fact is, unless local law dictates otherwise, baby should be restrained in seat. A...