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    SO...Let's talk New Year's Eve!

    There are unfortunately too many Uber drivers in South Florida. Last year this time Uber was offering $ 50 per hour guarantees for New Years Eve. This Xmas period has been absolutely slow and horrible. Actually , earnings approximate the slower months but with more traffic on the road. There has...
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    Our future if we do nothing about it! We must unite!

    Vote with your feet....... Quit !
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    75 @@@@ng cents a Mile 10 miles = $7.50 - 25%

    I started driving in December 2014 and have witnessed the decline in rates, quality of passengers, and quality of drivers. Uber's business plan apparently is to compete pricewise with public transportation ( buses and jitneys ) and maintain a standard of service just a bit better than taxis. I...
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    There is NO CHANCE of this happening. Lyft would instantly become the preferred choice of any rider wanting a private cheap ride.
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    You can now earn while driving towards your destination

    I have a good solution.........As drivers, we do not know the destination until you pick up the passengers. Simply call the passenger and ask were they are going. If it is good for you , take it. If not, cancel the ride. It is surely not good customer service, but you are paid the regular rate...
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    You can now earn while driving towards your destination

    If you read the new agreement carefully, when you use the Driver Destination Filter, the fare will be calculated differently than the standard fare. It does not state what the rate will be. You can be certain Uber will take a much larger share of this fare rather than the usual 20-25 % they now...
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    You can now earn while driving towards your destination

    It is already a feature of the Lyft app.
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    Be aware on pool

    There is still a misconception among many drivers on how Uber pays regarding Uberpool. YOU ARE NOT PAID PER RIDER. the fare you receive during any Uberpool ride is $ .70 per mile and $.10 per minute. From this Uber takes it cut of 20- 25 % depending when you started driving. There is absolutely...
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    You all need to start sleeping in again.

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    South Florida FIFO Problems

    Yes. I am having the exact same issue at the FLL airport for about the last week.
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    How many miles can 2014 toyota prius last?

    I drive a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. It has 160,000 miles. I have had minimal maintenance issues. I change the oil every 5,000 miles. I have had no problems regarding the gas engine or the electric battery engine. Best car I have ever driven.
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    Pool Question

    I asked an Uber representative at the meeting held in West Palm. He advised me you could not opt out. If you can, what is the process ?
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    Pool Question

    You apparently do not understand how the driver gets paid with Uberpool. Regardless if you get the additional pool request or not, the driver is only paid at the rate of $ .70 per mile and $ .10 per minute even though the passengers were both charged by Uber. The regular Uber X rate ( already...
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    Uberpool in Broward

    Bakad, Your decision to drive Uberpool might not be in your best interests. If you are concerned about ratings, Uberpool passengers are much more likely to give you low ratings as many of them have no idea how Uberpool works and are much more likely to be unhappy and reflect it in their ratings...
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    Uberpool in Broward

    My rating has actually risen slightly this week . I am still refusing all Uberpool requests. I think your rating declining is not related to refusing Uberpool requests. I would expect Uber to send an email and threaten deactivation rather than do something as subtle as playing with driver ratings.