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    EIDL Loan Expense Tracking

    If you have incorporated, you should have no issues because your car would be owned by the company. If you made car payments on a car in your name, then that would be a disbursement to pay for your personal car...even if you use it for business. Do you take the mileage deduction? Then that is...
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    EIDL Loan Expense Tracking

    My first line said you can use it on anything...the rest was for ppp and unemployment
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    EIDL Loan Expense Tracking

    You can use it on anything. If you don’t have proof that you used the amount required to pay employees, then it becomes a loan and not free money. If you are paying yourself, then you can’t recieve unemployment benefits. I wouldn’t suggest trying to defraud the government/I.R.S. on this...
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    TWC reverses course on job search requirements.

    TWC reversed course on job search requirements that were to go in affect July 3. They stated that due to the increase in Covid cases they were not going to require job searches until further notice.
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    upload new documents

    Take a picture of the document and upload the picture.
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    I still never got my unemployment

    In Texas you still have to request payment every two weeks. You answer a series of short questions for each week to determine how much you receive if you have actually worked any hours.
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    Calif. Public Utilities Comm. Determines TNC drivers should be classified as employees.

    If it all goes against Uber, the company will never have to worry about paying unemployment benefits. Think about it...there was nothing preventing you (as an employee) from driving - no unemployment benefits. If you quit Uber - no unemployment benefits. Anyone ever hear of Uber laying off...
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    No option for Black or XL on qualified vehicles?

    Did you request that black car be added to your Options? Did you purchase your commercial insurance required for black car (around $4500)?
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    does the rideshare insurance only cover you while it's on?

    I think you already know the only covers you with a passenger in the car. That is why you need the rideshare addendum on your personal policy. not hit end trip until all luggage is out of your car and you are back in the drivers seat. If a passenger hurts himself while...
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    Driving while receiving Unemployment

    What’s left is called net earnings. Gross earnings are total earnings before deductions. Here is a link to the definition:
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    UberEATS and insurance

    What is the “needed coverage” that you feel is missing?
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    its Not your’s ubers decision...which is final. Now waiting on how you will sue them...go ahead...I’ll wait.
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    Cancelling a ride for no show is fraud...try unsafe and then you would be telling the truth.
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    Is going back to work worth it?

    What planet are you on that you would work for free (no profits)? Especially when you consider you have idiot pax...