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    AAC is a big hassle for very little money

    1) Wait until Uber indicates the surge is at $12. That way the Uber will geofence the AAC pick-up area to at least $7. 2) Spend 5 minutes driving to within a quarter mile of AAC and then an additional 20 miles to go that extra 1/4 mile. 3) Call the pax to coordinate a faster pick-up, only to...
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    Uber takes a little here, a little there. With millions of rides, it adds up. I have had pretty good luck with tolls. Its having to call in for too many pax or no car seat cancellations which chaps my behind.
  3. Uber_Dubler

    Stack Attack

    One Potential take away ... stacking to defeat surges. Lets say ... 1) Surge area has 120 requests 2) 70 drivers are in the <10 minutes area to reach the pick-up Uber could A) Light up the surge to bring in additional drivers for the 50 rides which they can't match to drivers which are <10...
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    Verification Suspension and Ye Ole Green Light Hub

    We're Back In The Game! While painful, I probably lost at least $100 net by being kicked of at 1230AM on a Saturday evening, woke up this morning and all was well. I have no trouble bashing Uber, especially the CS phone support, so I should give credit where credit is due. The CS agent I...
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    Verification Suspension and Ye Ole Green Light Hub

    I will be at the GL Hub Monday AM. I did call the support line. Naturally they had to escalate it to a "specialized team" and I won't hear from Uber for 3 days, at best. The call center agent did say, and I'm hoping it is correct, that the green light hub will be able to see the picture I...
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    Verification Suspension and Ye Ole Green Light Hub

    I took a photo tonight and was immediately suspended. Yes, it was me. I took the photo from inside the car, so maybe bad lighting and I didn't have my glasses on. In the past, the app has told me "Too dark" ... "Move to a better lite area" ... "Get Your Whole Head into the Picture" ... etc...
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    57 scooters and bikes found in river!!

    As long as Uber doesn't have to pay drivers for scooter rentals, they will view it as a WIN.
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    Pin me or no trip

    Or I COULD NOT charge the riders phone and make a quick $3.75.
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    WTF? Uber Eats - Price Slashed HUGE CUT!

    Here's the funny, and shady, thing about tips Lets say Uber knows from all its data that it needs to keep 100 drivers in a certain area available to meet demand and keep the service viable. Uber also knows that to keep 100 drivers active on the APP the drivers need to achieve (or believe they...
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    Account put on hold for not going to ******* Del Taco

    Uber will NEVER increase pricing to compensate drivers for wait time. Sadly, Uber is more focused on lower prices which can beat/meet Lyft's pricing. Uber (and Lyft) have lost billions in their race to the bottom of profitability. Along the way there's been a lot of driver damage. My only...
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    I’ve adorned my head dress because it’s so cold.

    Yassir called, he'd like his headband back. Oh, and if you happened to find a beret ...
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    How Uber Get's Their Surge Money Back

    Was headed to AT&T this evening but then decided to take a $22 Surge being offered at DFW. Checked payment details. Pax paid $49, Uber paid me $33. That seemed typical, driver get's 60% ~ 70% of total fare. Then I did the math, $22 surge + $6 pax tip = $28 before time and distance. WTF? So...
  13. Uber_Dubler

    Uber now has option to thank rider for tip.

    There is a sneaky (but not surprising) factor to Uber's tipping scheme. First, it allows Uber to claim drivers are paid more per hour than what uber actually pays. Lets say without tips you average $20 in "earnings" not including tips. Once Uber includes tips Uber can claim Uber drivers "earn"...
  14. Uber_Dubler

    Unexpectedly Slow

    I think of the Uber promotions, like this weekend, as a way to flood the area and not necessarily a true reflection of rider traffic. Its a technique to get / keep drivers on the road. Think of it as the ole willy "You are in a busy area" messaging which appears in the APP.
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    Uhhh what? How can Uber even approve this adjustment...

    One of the 1,000s of hidden rules Uber doesn't tell drivers about. Unfortunately they don't tell the customer service agents about these rules either so calling CS isn't any help. Drivers just have to learn the hard way, aka the uber way.