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    SMU Students - End of the summer drought....

    I thought this was an Uber forum, not Tinder.
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    Do you think Uber and Lyft would benefit from driver feedback?

    Uber doesn't need driver feedback. They already have billions (with a B) data points on driver behavior to manage, or mismanage the business. Numbers, unlike people, don't lie and don't have emotions, just the facts. Remember the "driver feedback" survey on removing the DF a few months ago...
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    Daaaaaaamn, have you guys seen this?!?!

    Everything you need to know is in the Mueller Report.
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    Uber branch moving to Deep Ellum (possibly)

    Here's a wee bit of insight about Companies moving to Dallas I learned on my old job. Old job in Seattle. Lets say you were a run of the mill project manager earning 100K/year. Your position is relocated to Dallas with a salary of $85 a year and MAYBE a one time moving bonus of $15k. You...
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    "Do you have an Aux Cord?"

    Uber has made it pretty clear that drivers are not part of the Uber team but as "small business owners" and sub contractors. So why should I try to be part of a team which clearly doesn't want me?
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    Long Trip Return Fees

    Kinda like the cheap bastards which order Uber X from the Ritz to the airport or after dinner they take Uber X from Javier's. If they were known for tiping they would not be taking Uber X. 1565286002 One of the best threads I've read on the forum over the past year, if not the best thread. Can...
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    Suspected fraud

    Couldn't agree more. I hate fighting with my PAX when I ask them to do the simplest of things to help me keep my job, but sometimes you have to. Oh, so you go to SMU and study Computer Science but you can't figure out how to update your drop off location ... Oh so you're a social worker for...
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    Fake queue numbers

    Oh gosh no, I don't think Uber is exploiting driver ignorance by posting false information in the driver app. Lookie here, Uber was so kind to me last night they created a special Uber X queue for me with ZERO cars in queue. All the other drivers had to go to the regular queue which had 36...
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    How Satisfied Are You With Driving With Uber?

    Like so many things, Uber doesn't really need to survey drivers but it makes good press. All Uber needs to do is look at their numbers (data). For all the kicking, @@@@@'n, and screaming we did when the surge multiplier was removed, here we are again, all still driving and new drivers join...
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    Uber pro

    Driver A is on the road for 4 hours. She takes 5 Select PAXs trips, declines 7 Uber X trips, and earns 150 dollars. Driver B is on the road for 5 hours. He takes 10 Uber X trips, 3 UberEats trips, and 2 Uber pools. Does not decline any trips. Earns $75. Uber math says Driver B is the...
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    Killing Surge 101 Video

    I'll be substituting for Prof Uber with this reply. What was Uber trying to achieve? 1) Lure drivers to LUV with the appearance of a high reward surge ... Achieved. 2) Insure that most drivers that were lured to LUV would not be paid surge by removing the surge from the pick-up area ...
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    Distributing resumes to PAX.

    My 2 cents ... Go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you don't hear from the PAX again. Since that already happens on 99.9% of the rides anyway, you've got nothing to lose. If you think it could impact your ratings, well let's weigh that out. You having a rating of say 3.9 does...
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    no way to cancel ride last night

    " Seemed like just a temporary glitch." Really, a glitch? Are you trying to get a job with Uber CS? Billion dollar "tech" companies don't have glitches. They do have highly paid data scientist and industrial psychologist (yes that's a real field) who like to test theories on additional...
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    Standoff at Buck's

    I've seen a lot of busts at that place but never with the police involved. Handcuffs, maybe, but not police.
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    Airport Surges for Airport Only

    Saw this surge message last night at LUV. Not sure if it applies to DFW but I have read about it being applied to other cities. Called priority support (b/c I'm so special, NOT). They referred to this situation is a boost surge. I guess that gives them cover to claim the boost program is...