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    Very bad experience with INSHUR filling accident claim

    Lone Star Brokerage on Steinway sreet, Astoria, 718-204-5050
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    Any good base for Suv Suburban.

    Go check out Elite Limo. Work seems to be picking up!!! Professional attire (Suit and tie) required at all times. Good luck
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    Lonestar Brokerage. Its on Steinway street in Astoria. Good People there, never had a problem with them in 10 plus years. 718-204-5050
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    TLC DMV Registration

    Someone I know had the same situation. He had to wait for the actual Title to come before he could get Tlc insurance and plates. This was a few months ago but I think it still applies. You have to wait for the actual title.
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    Driver killed himself because of uber

    Deeply saddened by the news of Doug Schifter passing. Have been a reader of his posts in Black Car News for a very long time. This business has really taken a turn for the worst, and most of the forum members here will never know what it was like being a "for hire driver" a few years ago. Im...
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    Are we personal chauffeur? :|

    Your Gm's name is not Yoel by any chance, is it? Your base and their practices sound a lot like the base me and ubernyc are affiliated with!!
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    TLC plates DMV - Just bill of sale okay?

    DMV will not process registration without a title. A bill of sale alone is not enough!
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    Financed car

    Go to any Toyota dealer and inquire about trading in the corolla for a camry. You can offset majority of the negative value of your loan by trading in for a car with promotional price and rebates etc. Remember, end of the month is the best time to check out a new car dealer because of their...
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    Dmv inspection

    go to 21st street, Long Island City. Shops out there can do inspection here till 8pm, some even 9pm. Fast in and out.
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    Can I register a car with the TLC that is in someone else

    You will need a copy of the original title for Insurance and Registration purposes, this is if you're registering in NY. I see it says NJ under your avatar so if the vehicle is financed in and registered in NJ presently then you'll most likely have to order a copy of your title from the bank...
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    How to register new Car?

    DCH Toyota North Brunswick NJ. Better prices and no games
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    He's gone uber mad

    Lol you're still crying over the same post and still not being able to make any point or sense, your 4 feet tall sorry self can come up with all tough words on the internet but in reality you aint sh.t. Good for you that the summons dismissed, learn your lesson and move on. Im sure all those 5...
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    He's gone uber mad

    You calling your own people maggots and dont see anything wrong with that?? You're a bigger loser then I thought!!! Next time park properly and take responsibility for your action!!
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    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday!!! May we all do really well today.