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    Frustrated! New driver....

    It's normal and frustrating.
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    Hours online never accurate

    So, I keep track of the hours I'm working and online and Uber is supposedly doing that based on their app and statements I receive and it is never even close to the amount of time I'm online. What kind of fuzzy math are they using? Are they shaving off time to mask the hours I've worked for...
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    What's really going on?

    Uber burnout rate is high, keeps them in business I guess.
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    Has anyone redeemed any rewards from the first 25 trips?

    I used my Verizon discount. Followed links and now it's set up for discount on each month's bill set to expire in march. If I'm still ubering then I will try and remember to renew.
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    "Feedback" section... Proves some pax are bitter liars.

    I love the good feedback I've gotten.... but I would prefer a tip in cash department more!
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    So far today is a bust.

    Online for 3 hours so far today and 2 pax, total just under $ 9.00 after uber share. Oh, and I filled up my tank this morning. Ugh. App keeps asking if I want to stay online.....
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    City permit fees?

    Just got an email this morning explaining the fee. If only I had gotten that email before I saw it on my statement, I wouldn't have been so surprised. For those telling me how and where I can go to make up the fee, thanks, but that's not the point. Besides, that would be on my next paycheck...
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    City permit fees?

    Just hoping there's no more surprises on next week's paycheck. This is an expensive time of year for me....4 kids, Thanksgiving extra expenses, Christmas expenses, Anniversary, 2 birthdays, and let's not forget taxes coming up. I don't like surprise fees. I'm glad they are not recurring.
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    City permit fees?

    The cost of drug test and physical 45, plus cost of fingerprints 40.58, plus cost of warrant check 20, plus fire extinguisher 13.94. All of this took away hours of driving time I could have been doing plus burning more gas and miles on car getting to each place. Just thought I was done with...
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    City permit fees?

    After all the hoops and things I had to pay for in time and money I wasn't expecting this fee.
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    City permit fees?

    I got hit twice this pay statement
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    City permit fees?

    Just looked at my weekly pay statement at there's a city permit fee deducted. Is this going to be recurring? I didn't see this coming!
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    No unlimited car wash packages for Uber cars at Mister Car Wash

    I use Bluewave car wash. Unlimited basic wash for 20 a month
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    My son makes more $ delivering pizza

    I drive 9 am to sometime between 6 and 8 pm on average almost every day of the week all over Houston and suburbs. Nighttime driving doesn't work for me with my other full-time job of Mom. I like the no boss thing, the work when I want to and take time off when I want to or need to without a...
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    My son makes more $ delivering pizza

    I've had good days and bad days uber driving. I've been driving for 3 months now. This week has been particularly slow. My son just started delivering pizza and every day this week he's made more than me in his tips alone. Wow, that's good for him, but depressing for me! I think it's time...