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    An ice cream cone in exchange for a restroom, even though I was taking an order.

    Bro you got an ice cream and a rest room, that's a win win, and more than most ants get on any given night. Stop and smell the roses Young Kim! Hell, the last time I anted I had a Gatorade bottle and a granola bar that I think went bad in 2018. I didn't use the bottle though, that's for outside...
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    On the second day I broke my tail light 😡

    If it were me I would order the parts and just not drive until they're installed. I can't drive a ratchet car, and I don't think every pax will appreciate the damage or the "funny story." Many will get it and be fine with it, but there are always some snooty, haughty f'ers out there. You run a...
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    How do you feel about uber? 🤔💭

    Lately it hasn't made me enough money to really take seriously. I see it as a goofy thing to do on the side and maybe make a few bucks, but it hasn't been viable as a major income source of late, and so it doesn't take up much of my energy or mental real estate. I was on a roll late last year...
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    Will the Ranger Rover Sport Fit In All Uber Tiers?

    I had a Rover once. It was towed so many times it thought it was a boat.
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    Do you find driving therapeutic?

    I love driving as such, but I have two issues: lower back pain which stops me from doing more than say 3 hours at a stretch, and I'm very tall, so I'm not as cushy in the driver's seat as a lot of others are. Besides that, I love it and would do longer shifts if it were possible.
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    What do you pull in a week?

    What do I pull in a week? This, about five times on average I'd say.
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    I picked up two riders who just had butt surgery

    Why don't these chicks submit to good old fashioned all-American gluttony and save themselves a few grand? Free bonus of larger titties, while supplies last.
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    We got the 600 plus 1200

    Tales of him weaving in and out of Philly traffic aside, I was being sarcastic. Because he, and many other drivers, are actually among the nicest people you could talk to. Your reading comprehension really is at about a third grade level, and that's being generous. Go away.
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    We got the 600 plus 1200

    Btw, good call on the avatar. When I think of a dude like mch, all I can picture is OJ in that old Bronco.
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    So embarrassed

    I do this all the time while I'm driving pax. How else are you going to meet new people? You just have to make sure you're quick with the YouTube takedown request once you're done with your shift.
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    Best Avatar on Up 🖼

    It's hard not to love our girls kang, Ashlee, Ariel, Direwolf etc. From a non-thirst perspective I enjoy @Mista T and @touberornottouber as well as the personal head shots some other people rock, especially when they're unflattering, like way too close up and you can see their nostril hairs...
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    Are Uber drivers/delivery people sub-human?

    You're a sock, so you can be whatever you choose to be. Either way it changes nothing. I hope that dude ate your food and took a dump on your porch.
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    Are Uber drivers/delivery people sub-human?

    Most people would just not order anymore if all their experiences with delivery were shit, but Cro Magnon man here still hasn't learned anything from his trials and tribulations. OP, can't you sort out your own food if you've had such bad luck? Your brethren managed it for tens of thousands of...
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    What will it take for antz to come back out again?

    Uber started screwing drivers too much before the pandemic, the virus is just the nail in the coffin. I was still scoring some pretty kickass surges late last year, but things being as they are, you really are just driving "for the community" at this point. Getting rid of multiplier surge in...
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    Hi-Jack my sound system

    Aux is so old school, does anyone even still use it? Sometimes pax will want to connect to my Bluetooth but I make up some excuse like I'm too crap with technology to figure it out.