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    Her stiletto meets my headliner

    To be fair, a lady in stilettos is hard to resist. But as a driver I think I would've tried to gently correct their behavior in some form or another. We steer things in certain directions in more ways than one.
  2. UbaBrah

    Sad, sad story of long-time Uber drivers: no sympathy

    Yeah, Uber has diminishing returns after x amount of hours or miles per week. It's important people realize that. I do fine as I have 2 incomes so I can sit on my butt if I choose, but others are not so lucky. Especially with how slow it's been lately, I would be living out of my car if I only...
  3. UbaBrah

    Racist? Don't think so

    The whole racism thing is out of hand. People are just pointing fingers willy nilly nowadays. It's like some scavenger hunt, with accusers jumping up and down with excitement when they think they've uncovered something that backs it up. A very odd hobby for sure. I don't even pretend to...
  4. UbaBrah

    "You have an umbrella already. Just let me have this one."

    If this story is for real it's about time that asteroid hits us. I'm done.
  5. UbaBrah

    Do not use any air freshener

    I wonder if Asian folks see our writing and think "Big Mac" the way I instinctively see theirs and think "Crab rangoons." I never really thought about that before but I imagine it does go both ways to some degree. I forget what this thread was even about.
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    I only wear my Express jeans for rideshare, they are super comfy and I'm a stylish duck. I respect people that go out in sweats, but I'm a bit too self conscious to wear mine out of the house.
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    TRIGGERED: Picked up an Asian Lawyer, told me his dad is a Doctor, drove him 25 miles, great chat.....NO TIP

    I'm crying! But then I did just pluck a really stubborn nose hair.
  8. UbaBrah

    Fast uber driver

    Kilometers and Celsius... Canada maybe? Also, no phone on the dash. Seems weird. Anyway, still not fast enough. Do you want that McD's drive thru stat or what, paxhole? Sheesh.
  9. UbaBrah

    TRIGGERED: Picked up an Asian Lawyer, told me his dad is a Doctor, drove him 25 miles, great chat.....NO TIP

    I blame America's corporate practices for this, not paying people full wages. Having people depend on tips to survive really should be illegal. It honestly is a US-only thing too. I've lived in many countries and they all pay servers etc a normal wage. Tips are only 10% at best, and often split...
  10. UbaBrah

    Safest Driver Contest

    I will win, because I totally never space out on the highway and come to a screeching halt within a foot of the car in front of me when traffic stops. Nosiree. Not today at least.
  11. UbaBrah

    Pax wouldn’t get out

    That video never gets old. Granny or not, you're at the God damn liquor store. Damn you to hell!
  12. UbaBrah

    @@@@ DC

    If I stop posting, assume the worst. I have a penchant for the dramatic.
  13. UbaBrah

    Does Uber care about its black passengers?

    I live and operate in predominantly black neighborhoods and areas. There are countless black drivers here. That's the case all through the south and in just about every large urban area in the US too. I also wish news publications didn't give these disgruntled segments of society such...
  14. UbaBrah

    Do you bring your own food ?

    I never eat in my Uber car. It's only drinks + mints for me inside it. I will eat a medium sized meal before heading out, then the 5 hour energy after. It counteracts the after meal sleepiness and stops me getting a (lack of caffeine) headache. And anything that keeps me on the road is good in...
  15. UbaBrah

    My first false allegation

    Benjamin I'm appalled. Was it a darker fish he was eating? How could you.