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    Uber Driver in Florida (article)

    Hate how the author is describing gross pay without deducting expenses.
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    Battery help

    Sounds like an alternator.
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    It's midday, on a Wednesday, in the middle of the summer.
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    Best car for Uber

    Maybe I'm not picky, but I think Accords and Camrys are comfy.
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    Best car for Uber

    I don't think Merc and BMWs are unreliable. However they are complicated, and cost a ton of money to fix when something does go wrong.
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    What the f#$%^ Uber

    ^I'm going to have to disagree with Shane there. There wasn't enough drivers, hence the far away pings. You may have been the closest available driver for a pax 20 mins away. Norwood is deep in the suburbs, and not a high demand area. If this was late at night, it would make sense if you...
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    Yahh, that would definitely not pass the DOJ.
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    How's Cape Cod on weekends?

    It'll be better in a few weeks.
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    Saw the 1st self driving car in Providence today.

    It's not a self driving car if it has a driver, just saying.
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    TNC Inspection

    Couldn't you just get some good seat covers if there are tears on the seat.
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    Strike Tomorrow! Join or don’t Join is Happening Regardless!

    The IPO is on Friday.
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    Strike Tomorrow! Join or don’t Join is Happening Regardless!

    It's funny how you all pick the slowest day of the week to have a strike.
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    Thinking of Joining Uber (MA driver)

    Uber dosn't cover you when you have the app on but haven't accepted a trip. Your personal insurance also does not cover this "gap".
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    New traffic law is coming.

    The current texting law is way too difficult to police, it's impossible to tell the difference between someone tapping in an address or someone texting.