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    Anyone drive a truck?

    Yep, from up north. :rolleyes:
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    Anyone drive a truck?

    I drive a Suzuki Equator, a 4-door truck that I'm authorized to drive by Uber. Some ppl act surprised about an Uber truck, but most are nice. I had a rude comment from a rider today, implying I had "tricked the system" and doesn't know why Uber would allow me to drive people in a truck. Anyone...
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    Getting tired of the refer a friend texts.

    Reply to the text with "stop" and u stop receiving texts.
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    Just a thought? Topless female drivers.

    Unfortunately, the girls get pretty heavy & in the way, if not supported by a bra, at least mine do!
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    Female drivers

    I'm a female driver in Dallas, I carry a small knife, but never feel I need it. Ppl are generally well-behaved. I wear a T-shirt / blouse, and jeans. My mom worries about me driving, but only because she doesn't understand that ppl are well-tracked thru Uber. I keep my small wallet in the driver...