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    uber pay vs lyft pay

    Nice. Where was that?
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    Uber Comfort eligibility

    Quack list. 1570827134 Really Select is going out of business?
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    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    Sad for Lyft drivers. Uber X was surging 4.8 and Lyft was offering 1.5$ timbits bogus bonus.
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    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    Any Lyft surges?
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    Lyft now let's you download pdf summary of weeks rides

    Long time. When was that screenshot taken?
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    Uber is following Lyft's policy: NO MORE SURGE

    Where was that?
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    Uber is following Lyft's policy: NO MORE SURGE

    Last surge was on Tuesday. No surges since then? What about Friday night?
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    Can existing Select drivers add a new Select cars?

    Is the confirmation from Uber green light hub?
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    Meanwhile in Vegas....

    None of those drivers in Vegas told you how much net they make after expenses?
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    Exploits Of The Shitter Lot

    It will fill up soon
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    Uber moved regular poo. Express poo for all :)

    He is desperate to get back to Luber.
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    Uber Comfort is here

    Possibly 8 of 5 stars to be reduced from 1 stars .
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    Not accepting Uber Select.

    At least no quacks in Select list. 1566324921 Kia Sorento??
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    Not accepting Uber Select.

    I noticed that Uber is not accepting select at this time. https://www.uber.com/en-CA/drive/toronto/vehicle-requirements/
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    Fairmont Hotel Bellboys - A luggage tale.

    Hopefully you won’t get 1* for that.