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    Do you listen to music or radio when driving pax?

    For me it's Red Sox Baseball ⚾️ or 80's/Christian music
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    Is driving becoming a pain in the butt?

    Omg same here! It doesn't even have to be long time either. That's the sad part like 1 1/2-2 hours is long enough for my knees to tell me we need a break
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    Anyone ever make more in tips than in fares?

    Had a 13.50 fare last week for driving a lady to meet her husband and friends she gave me two fives after we arrived and then later I got 8 dollar tip in app! . Wish that happened all the time
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    Uber is making me feel guilty

    I have picked up from a few neighborhoods that I know will be prosperous that were 10-15 mins away. It helps if you really know the clientele and drive the part of town a lot. Then again sometimes it's like Russian Roulette
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    Passenger lit a cigarette..

    I hate pax that wreak of weed. Come on man! I know you were just lighting it up before you came out here.
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    Text/Call Before Arrival

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    DO NOT transport children under 18 w/o parent!!

    All I'm saying is I agree with you. However their is a huge difference between a parent requesting and a reckless/lying minor
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    Text/Call Before Arrival

    There is a very problematic area near the football stadium where a few bars are located. It has always been a pain to try and pick up people around that location. But thank the heavens someone got smart and this fall they are making a centralized "Uber Pickup Zone". It has to be better then that...
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    DO NOT transport children under 18 w/o parent!!

    The only time I have taken a minor is after accepting the ride I arrived at the house and the parent/guardian was outside. I talked to the Parent of the child told me she had requested the ride for her daughter to go to some school event. It's one thing for a minor to request on an illegal...
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    Phone Charger(s) in back seat

    Yah but like I said doesn't mean they won't try.
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    Phone Charger(s) in back seat

    Just make sure you check after each ride so if someone tries to sneak it out! Drunk people think they sneaky but surprise no so much.
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    Dude yesterday I drove my normal route like usual had a ride popped up so I accepted it and headed that way within about 30 seconds it was cancelled. That happened 3 more times in the 5 minutes it would pop up and and then cancel. I ignored it. Screw you Reginald!!!
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    Double tips tomorrow

    Well at least some of you received tips to be doubled. If you doubled my tips today it would look like this 0=0 lol