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new orleans , la.

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    1. chefmaggie
      Since I have been having serious problems with UBER navigation, I tried using WAZE through their app. Unfortunately, it's not as user friendly, and I don't know how to log on/off from my rides. Asking UBER hasn't produced any results.. Can you help me? Thanks
    2. The PassenJournal
      The PassenJournal
      Hello! My name is Talia. Do you currently drive for Uber?
    3. Guapcollecta
      Who is this? Don't make me hunt for you! Muhuwoohoohahaha!!
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    4. Debpham1
      Someone please help me? I have apparently been hacked I don't know but I messaged Uber what was going on Tuesday and then there was the typical back and forth where it's not really followed then they keep asking for the same info over and over. This morning I received an email asking for information and a photo of me with my license. Do you know if this would be legit?
    5. BoboBig
      Hey Hunt just wanted to let you know and wanted to thank you for liking my threads I do the same for you glad there are people like you on the forum that are normal human beings and smart...nice to meet you...I'm in California I need to come to the Mardi grad and hang with you on our vacations lmao
    6. JDM
      You seem to be the most experienced Driver so you must know how to contact Uber. I have tried and tried and tried...even found the e-mail of my CT Uber Area manager to find out how I can submit a nice piece of news to UBER (that is very Pro Uber) that I wrote a book on my funny driver experience which I want to share with all Uber Drivers. (Free).Not allowed to name it or promote it on this site due to restrictions.
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      2. tohunt4me
        Your best bet is to go to your local Uber office.
        Feb 6, 2017
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    7. Shelly osu
      Shelly osu
      I need a driver in March to take me to cleveland hopkins airport. I love in Massillon.
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      2. tohunt4me
        I am in New Orleans. So sorry.
        Feb 1, 2017
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      3. Riders Champion
        Riders Champion
        I Uber in Australia, otherwise would have loved to
        Feb 2, 2017
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    8. Ozzyoz
      A very good hearted person, all Uber drivers and Lyft drivers should use tohunt4me as a role model, because I can tell he/she is amazing driver just by the posts he/she writes.
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    9. Razoramono
      Hi can you give me a suggestion on what kind of car or suv to get
      1. Joe Graca
        Joe Graca
        I found a 2007 Camry with 23,000 mile on it. Its been a terrific car. I can mile it up and sell it in a year for what I paid for it. I looked for months for the right car.
        Dec 21, 2016
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      O, yes, I took a guy from my home area to Baytown, then got 1 ping in Baytown, Baytown is way outta my area. Why ya ask this? Does it matter?
      It makes no sense, 1 cleanliness report every week? And I pay $120 monthly to keep my new car clean at all times. SOMETHING is wrong here.
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      That's just it they know I'm a member of an unlimited car was, vacuuming & interior cleaning & I have it done DAILY B4 I go out Uberin. The thing is, This last Tuesday, I only had 4 passengers, rest were uber eats delivery & all 4 riders were very nice & talkative to me.
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    13. Wil_Iam_Fuber'd
      Yo, been throwing a ton of likes my way. Just thought I'd pay some respect. Much obliged!
    14. Casuale Haberdasher
      Casuale Haberdasher
      Thanks for the "Likes"! For 3 months
      in the Spring of 1973, I was an Over-
      Night DJ on WTUL 91.5 FM. Will that
      and $3 get me a Coffee & Beignet at
      Cafe du Monde ? Chortle!
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      2. tohunt4me
        Maybe with a shot of Kahlua added.
        Feb 25, 2016
      3. tohunt4me
        Where are you ?
        Aug 3, 2016
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