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    McDuffy to New York City

    I took rider to Logan from McDuffy on this day.
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    No car seat no ride

    Kids w/ no car seat are my favorite! When I pull up, and see a child, I roll down my window and ask if they have a car seat. Of course they don't. So I tell them that they have to request another car. This causes them to cancel the ride, and I get the cancellation fee. As soon as I receive the...
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    Any one driving for lyft in western Massachusetts

    I accept the 20 min ride on lyft, while leaving the uber app on. If i get an uber rider, i cancel the lyft one.
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    Lyft 30 minutes away

    My Uber rating is 4.87 too, but my lift rating is a 4.73. Are you saying that lyft gives out free rides if the rider rates you poorly? If you are at a 4.3, why aren't you kicked off the app? In the app, it says that anything below a 4.6 risks deactivation?