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  • It is not the pricing those drunks just hit the app don;t even look at price. its the amount of Lyft Drivers during closing hours the guarantee $ go up and every Lyft driver o n earth is at the bars to grab those $ . If you look on the rider app there is a very underserved area where I go every weekend ans get my 12-1-2 rides within 5 mins normally.
    Honestly I think they track movement through the app.so I take my short Lyft turn on Uber.uber trips have been crazy long like North park to cowles MTN or PB to sdsu. Ob to Santee hwy 67 and 52. So I am killing it on Uber $200 Friday and Saturday and like $60 on Lyft for 7hours. So maybe they figured it out. I was doing 1 Lyft and 2 or 3 Uber many hours too.
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