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    Anyone elses application on hold ?

    Does anyone else have there application on hold ?
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    PCO application nightmare

    Already done a BTEC for my local council so thought i would apply for a pco since i wont have to do another test.
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    PCO application nightmare

    The Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Certificate - Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver
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    PCO application nightmare

    They said that anybody who has not done the topographical there application is under investigation/hold. They apparently made this descion last week. It still states on there website that they accept it. Maybe worth calling them up and double check, but thats what i have been told.
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    PCO application nightmare

    Nope nothing still same old its under investigation they changed the rule last week apparently. Even though i submitted my application in April.
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    PCO application nightmare

    Submitted application in april still nothing back phoned up today and they go it is now under investigation for anyone who hasnt done topographical. Dont understand why im being told this now apprently descion was made last week to hold any applciation that have provided an NVQ. I uploaded my...
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    Licensing car with two boroughs

    I i currently have a vehicle plated in my local borough can i get the vehicle pco plated too ? Or is this not allowed.
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    Parker car service

    Hi peeps, Live in surrey and looking to join an operator has anyone worked for parker cars ? Some info would be much appreciated typical earnings on a saturday say 3pm till 11pm? Looking to get a mercedes e class 17 plate. Also isit shift work or log on/off as you wish. Many thanks
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    Car hire - short term weekly basis

    As im looking to purchase one so i want to test drive it first.
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    Car hire - short term weekly basis

    Thanks, they do have a mileage cap but looks good
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    Car hire - short term weekly basis

    Hi peeps, anyone know where i can rent a pco vehicle on a weekly basis like a e class ?
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    Late night car wash urgent

    Hi guys long story spilt paint in the car i need a valet asap can anyone reccommend a late night car wash ? Thanks
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    Companies similar to cabline

    Does anyone know any companies similar to cabline ? Much appreciated.
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    Start of something new

    Mee too
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    Tfl licensing areas

    What areas you working ?