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    Why does uber lose money?

    But what does that ride cost Uber? What's the fractional cost of running the platform and providing insurance? If it's more than a dollar I'd be shocked. I'm pretty sure Uber only loses money by way of paying promotions, and just plain blowing money on bullshit.
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    Opening day at Del Mar racetrack

    Second pickup took an hour, 2X, two damn miles. What a waste of time.
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    Informal Survey - Lost Cell Phone

    I've returned two phones so far, $20 and $50.
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    40 Minutes Waiting On Eats Order

    When I do eats it's only eats, but this is mothma dependent. In San Diego it's super slow during the day.
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    40 Minutes Waiting On Eats Order

    Eats is always less than X. But I only do it so I can have hang out time with a girlfriend. That said, I made five hundred total in four evenings... Mostly just late night. Like 10pm til 2am. There's nothing in the daytime.... Often back to back pings after ten. Lots of McDonald's and taco shops.
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    25 Pax For Every Uber Driver

    That's exactly what Uber is trying to do. They're cutting driver pay because they care!
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    This lady is a piece of work.

    But since we get paid mileage and time, that extra half mile comes directly out of Uber's pocket....
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    Was yr forth of Independence worth $$$$ yr time driving??

    350 in eight hours sure beat my day job.
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    Ride Along NOT Allowed

    If you want to bring a companion, you can just do eats?
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    Finance company don’t allow commercial use of vehicle

    You'd be surprised how often businesses try to get people to go along with unenforceable contracts. Debt collection is almost entirely based on it. The key fact is that there's no downside to the business putting stuff in the contract that can't be enforced. If you go along with it, they win...
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    Surprise long pool trip

    Picked up a 1.4 pool trip, eleven miles, good for me. A minute in a second pax is added. No worries, I still have an hour and half before I'm supposed to meet my girlfriend. Drop off the first pax, hit the nav button... Da @@@@? Fifty eight minutes? Apparently we don't get long trip...
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    Ikea meatballs

    I do their dollar breakfast fairly often. It's nothing special, but eggs sausage and potatoes for a dollar is obviously not profitable for them.
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    Uber Vs. Lyft

    The obvious correct answer of both at the same time is missing from the poll.
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    Unemployment 3.9% - get a real job

    Also this: I've been working the same day job for 12 years, and gross pay has fallen from 65k to 25k. I'm still technically full time employed, but it's not the same job anymore. And oh yeah, I actually do more work in a work day now, vs when I was pulling in nearly three times what I do now.
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    driving overweight riders

    I swear that the average Uber pax is significantly lighter than the average American. Younger crowd.